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Family doing yoga at The Lodge at Blue Sky, near Park City, Utah
Family doing yoga at The Lodge at Blue Sky, near Park City, Utah

Experiential Yoga

The Experience

During times of uncertainty, prioritizing self-care and balance is more important than ever. The Lodge at Blue Sky takes a holistic approach to yoga and meditation, incorporating various modalities from around the world and tailoring each practice to the unique needs of the individual. During the summer months, take your practice beyond the four corners of your mat with a gentle walk to a secluded spot for a class imbued with the healing power of Mother Nature. Scroll down to discover more.

Group Yoga and Wellness Experiences

Travel deeper into the relaxed lifestyle at Blue Sky with these complimentary 45-minute wellness classes available throughout the week.

Sequence Yoga | Offered Monday, Wednesday and Sunday at 8 am

Greet the day with our daily yoga class, designed to allow you the time to land, unwind, learn new movements and moments in space that encourages exploration and discovery.

Guided Breathwork | Tuesday 4 pm

Learn how to use your breath as a tool for healing, relieving anxiety and stress, calming the nervous system, balancing energy and deepening your meditation practice.

Foam Rolling | Thursday 4 pm

You will be guided through a uniquely designed foam rolling sequence leading to Myofascial release. Massage away muscle soreness, increase flexibility and reduce pain.

Family Yoga | Friday 8 am

Blue Sky’s yoga program can be tailored for guests of all ages and beautifully balances presence and the spirit of play. Available in Sky Lodge’s beautiful indoor yoga studio or in a myriad of inspiring outdoor locations on Blue Sky’s 3,500 acres.

Stretch and Tone | Saturday 8 am

Functional stretching and core work exercises created to open the body, increase flexibility, and gently tone and strengthen muscles.

Private Yoga and Mindfulness Experiences

Customize your wellness experience with these experiences designed to tune your mind and body to the natural wonders of the Utah landscape.

Man uses a sound bowl during a meditation class at The Lodge at Blue Sky, Utah

Alternative Energy Journey

Begin your journey with a brief consultation while enjoying herbal-infused handcrafted tea. Your therapist will guide you into a state of meditation, sharing intuitive findings for healing blocked energetic pathways. During this interactive session, you will uncover patterns and truths and experience new ways to come home to your body and connect to yourself in a more profound way.
  • 60-90 minutes
shoeshoe and yoga

Snow and Flow

Trek through our snowy trails within the deep forest sanctuary, and arrive at our nomadic mountainside Yurt. Warm homemade herbal tea eases the body as you’re guided into a restorative yoga flow - fireside.
  • 2.5-3 hours
Man doing arial yoga at The Lodge at Blue Sky, Utah

Aerial Yoga

Elevate your yoga practice with yoga silks. After an hour of hiking, we’ll glimpse our destination – colorful yoga silks hanging from old pine trees in the Grove of Ganesh.
  • Elevate your yoga practice as we float over the Earth, enjoying flowing movement and a unique moving meditation.
  • 2.5-3 Hours
A couple watch a sunrise at The Lodge at Blue Sky, Utah

Quiet Mind and Ritual

Using the element of fire as a focal, quiet the mind and transcend deep into meditation. As you are guided in and out of this meditation, you allow the subconscious mind to explore the simple ritual of journaling.
  • 60 minutes
cocoa beans

Mountain Cacao

Indulge in ceremonial drinking cacao and experience its heart opening and healing benefits. A magical, meditative journey that will elevate your mood and leave you feeling more connected to self.
  • 60 minutes
Couple relaxes in the Edge Spa at The Lodge at Blue Sky

Nidra "Enlightened Sleep"

This guided deep meditation practice allows the body to completely relax, thereby creating a profound release of mental and physical tension.
  • 60 minutes
A couple carries yoga mats to a Forest Nidra class at The Lodge at Blue Sky

Balanced Body

A Mat Pilates class working the entire body with an emphasis on your “power house," core and back muscles. Come build strength, balance and flexibility with us.
  • 60 minutes
A couple do sunrise yoga at The Lodge at Blue Sky

Restorative Yoga

Rest in gentle supported postures for long periods of time allowing the body to “melt” over your props and release both physical and emotional tension.
  • 60 minutes
Herbs used at The Lodge at Blue Sky

Art of Herbs

Using Ayurvedic herbalism principles, you will understand the healing benefits of various local herbs through taste, touch, smell, and site. The knowledge that the plants have to offer us will be further integrated with a guided meditation based on the energetics of the unique herb that you have chosen to interact with in this class.
  • 60 minutes

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