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2 night stay

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The Lodge at Blue Sky

Social Purpose

As we navigate this new age in which we are faced with our own vulnerability, a renewed desire emerges for meaningful connection with one another and with the earth. We invite you to join us in carrying forward this beautifully rehumanizing shift towards values and purpose.

Environmental Initiatives

The team at Blue Sky believes in being genuine stewards of the earth, taking every opportunity to be kind to the planet. Explore the ways in which we craft the Blue Sky experience to promote a positive impact on the environment.

No single-use plastics

Blue Sky uses no plastic water bottles and offers guests an insulated, reusable bottle during their stay, which they can take home with them. Blue Sky uses biodegradable plant-based straws. Picnic utensils are made of bamboo.

In-room Bath Products

All of our bath salts are sourced from the Great Salt Lake and are very mineral-rich. Our shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion are specially made with sage essential oil that has been distilled from wild sage harvested from Blue Sky’s property.

Wastewater Treatment Facility

Blue Sky has its own wastewater treatment facility so that we clean the water before it gets returned to the earth.

Local Materials

All of our stone in the rooms, for building construction and landscaping are sourced from a quarry 12 miles down the road from us.

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Gracie’s Farm

Growing Strong Roots

Gracie’s Farm is the organic, regenerative farm at The Lodge at Blue Sky. Our entirely female-led farm is employs a “no-till” method, eschewing convenient, modern farming machinery for working the land by hand and with the aid of selective animal rotation. The greenhouse is geothermally heated to have a carbon neutral footprint. Vegetables, herbs, wildflowers and honey is grown onsite and used in our signature restaurant, Yuta. All food waste in Yuta composted and used at the farm as a natural fertilizer.

Organic Architecture

The 46 rooms and suites at Blue Sky are built into the natural contours of the land.

This creates a feeling of complete nature immersion for our guests.

Earth Suites and Edge Spa have living roofs that feature native Utah grasses and wildflowers.

Sporting Clays

Sustainable Practices

We special order our clay discs that are biodegradable so they don’t pollute the earth when they break apart.

We recycle our ammunition casings.

Our ammunition uses a paper wad, rather than a plastic one, which also biodegrades when it falls on the ground after a shot is fired.

Community Initiatives

Enriching lives, both human and equine.

Rewilding Youth | Voices of Nature

The Lodge at Blue Sky is dedicated to environmental stewardship and works with local schools in the community to offer guidance on career growth and hospitality education. We are proud to support Voice for Nature to give local inner-city kids from the YMCA an opportunity to take part in nature-based experiences. We share our love of the land at Blue Sky through connecting with our special rescue horses, Gracie’s Farm and the Wasatch Mountains. The takeaway: We endeavor to share an experience where kids walk away with a deeper appreciation for the gifts of Mother Nature and greater empathy for our environment and each other. This experience included Shoshone keynote speaker Darren Parry and contributions went to the Bear River Massacre restoration project restoring the natural flora and fauna of this environmental and Shoshone historical site.

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People's Health Clinic | Park City

Since April, The Lodge at Blue Sky has raised over $20,000 for People's Health Clinic (PHC), a non-profit medical clinic committed to providing non-emergency primary healthcare to the uninsured population of Summit and Wasatch Counties. In the wake of the COVID-19 onset, The Lodge at Blue Sky has raised over $20,000 for People's Health Clinic (PHC), a non-profit medical clinic committed to providing non-emergency primary healthcare to the uninsured population of Summit and Wasatch Counties. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, PHC has seen a significant increase in new patients due to the economic impact it has had, with many losing their jobs and health insurance. Gracie's Farm has also donated batches of fresh produce to the front line workers at PHC to stay healthy and take home to their families.

Rescue Animals

Saving Gracie’s Equine Healing Foundation is an onsite horse rescue foundation.