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Farming Director Lynsey

Gracie's Farm

Growing Strong Roots at The Lodge at Blue Sky

Visit Gracie's Farm

At Blue Sky, farming is more than a job; it’s a sacred philosophy. Our female-led team of FarmHers cultivate deep, profound connections with the land, animals and people that call Blue Sky home.

  • Sustainability and reverence for the land are at the forefront of the Gracie’s Farm ethos.

  • Farm Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday from 9am to 3pm | Closed on Sundays

  • Tours available until November 1

  • Guests under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian with them

Greenhouses at Gracie's Farm
Farming Director Lynsey
Farming Director Lynsey
Greenhouses at Gracie's Farm
Farming Director Lynsey
Farming Director Lynsey

Our Original FarmHer

Meet Lynsey

Lynsey remembers the first time her grandmother gave her a snap pea to eat fresh from the vine as a young child. Vibrant green, perfectly crunchy, and with a complex flavor she had never before experienced from store-bought vegetables, Lynsey knew then that growing your own food with patience and reverence held a special kind of magic. As an adult, Lynsey dedicated herself to the craft of farming. She employs the best sustainable growing techniques with a focus on soil integrity, and does ongoing in-depth reviews of climate patterns to plan out which crops will be grown and harvested throughout the year. In the same way that Blue Sky tends to the needs of each individual guest, Lynsey and her team tend to the needs of each individual plant.

Rooted in Sustainability

Learn how Gracie's Farm became a thriving ecosystem that everyone loves to visit.

Gracie's Farm


The plot of land on which Gracie’s Farm now thrives consisted mostly of hard-packed dirt with no existing infrastructure. After intense work to create rows for planted crops with rich, nutrient-dense soil, building raised planter beds and hoop houses, and constructing a geothermally-heated greenhouse to extend our short growing season while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint, Gracie’s Farm began to take shape.
Gracie's Farm


Gracie’s Farm employs a “no-till” method, eschewing convenient, modern farming machinery for working the land by hand and with the aid of selective animal rotation. A “broadfork” is one of the most well-used hand-tools at Gracie’s, literally resembling a massive fork which is driven into the soil and which our FarmHers stand on, using their body weight to rock the broadfork back and forth to aerate the soil. Various animals will be rotated into the farm throughout the year to assist our FarmHers; they help to naturally till the land by grazing, and their manure fertilizes the soil to maintain rich nutrients and stable pH levels so that our plants thrive in our high-alpine climate.

Guest Experiences at Gracie’s Farm

Visit Gracie's Farm to learn about sustainable growing practices and to see what's growing. This is a complimentary experience for Lodge guests.

Visit Gracie's Farm to learn about farm life, the plants that are grown there, pick vegetables, and learn about beekeeping.

Book a private, in-depth tour of Gracie's Farm to learn about sustainable growing practices. This experience is subject to availability; advanced booking is recommended.

What's growing at Gracie's Farm?


Arugula, speciality salad greens, scallions, chives, turnips, radish, pac choi, spinach, herbs, lettuce and broccoli raab

Early Summer

Arugula, baby beets, carrots, garlic scapes, scallions, turnips, radish, lettuce, little gem lettuce, frisée, Swiss chard, kale, herbs and snap peas

Late Summer

Beets, beans, garlic, tomato, eggplant, cucumber, turnips, hot pepper, kale, chard, lettuce, fennel, summer squash, basil and potatoes


Arugula, specialty salad greens, beets, carrots, garlic, scallion, tomatoes, turnips, kale, chard, lettuce, fennel, potatoes, radish and winter squash


Fresh vegetables

Greenhouse at Gracie's Farm

Chickens outside coop

Animals at Gracie's Farm

  • Chickens: Our feathered friends have tons of personality and give us beautifully colored eggs.

  • Goats: The latest addition to Gracie’s Farm, our new friends give us fresh goats milk.

  • Cows: Mellow and wise, our rescue cows love to cuddle. Yes. Cow cuddling is a thing.

  • Horses: Our special rescue horses at Saving Gracie Equine Healing Foundation love visits, especially if you bring them an apple.

  • Bees: Our thriving colony of bees provides the farm with important pollinators for our wildflowers, and produces beautiful honey with a light, botanical flavor.

Beyond the Farm

The hard work of our FarmHers has wide-reaching impact.


Gracie’s Farm produce is used in the weekly menu design at Yuta, The Lodge at Blue Sky’s signature restaurant, and in private dining experiences


The chickens give us their gift of eggs daily. If you come down to visit you can collect eggs and our Chef can prepare them for your breakfast the next morning. 


Honey from our thriving bee colony is used at Yuta, in The Bar for various craft cocktails, and in certain restorative treatments at Edge Spa


Wildflowers and herbs are used for in-room bath experiences at the Lodge, and in foot-soaks and healing poultices at Edge Spa


Visit our goats on the farm. Come get a hug with these silly, sweet girls.


Weekly organic farm bundles are available for the Blue Sky team and local community.


Regular produce donations are taken to our friends at People’s Health Clinic in Park City, who provide critical non-emergency primary care to the uninsured population of Summit County


See the daily activities and animals that bring Gracie's Farm to life.