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At the ranch we train our horses in the tradition of Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt and the modern day horse whisperer Buck Brannaman. We believe that our trail horses and our ranch horses should be continually worked on the ground to correct bad habits and insure the safety and welfare of our riding guests. We believe the horse should work off of a "feel". Having a horse work off of a "feel" is something that is developed through a patient release system. We believe if a horse isn't responding the way we want it to it is never their fault. The horse is living in the moment and when the horse is rewarded for the positive things they respond to they need time to let it "soak". We work on recognizing the signals that horses give us. If we don't get the result we want and something breaks down or the horse is confused we start over. We vary the routines to keep it interesting for the horse. Most of all we love the horses and let them know it through tactile reinforcement. We rub them like their mother would when they were born. We take our time with each of the individual horses and always let them learn at their own pace. Horsemanship at Blue Sky is not just about the riding. We believe it starts with how you learn to care for a horse, your sensitivity to how they are feeling and recognizing any health problems that need to be tended to prior to training. We think it's important for the horse to be groomed properly with special attention to diet, supplements and foot care. The ritual of tacking a horse properly for a days work and making sure the horse has the proper hydration at all times and in all kinds of weather is key to proper horsemanship. Most of all we take our time with the horses and address them as individuals with their own unique needs, limitations and potential. Our approach is Western riding; but our program will help English riders and their horses perform better also. We can work with our horses and train the individual or work with an individuals horse to work as a team. Our approach will allow you to develop a partnership with the horse you will cherish. It is often said that the journey will be about discovering who you are and the horse will help you with that discovery. Scroll to view our extensive list of equine adventures.

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