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Equine Adventures


The Experience

At the Lodge at Blue Sky we practice a specific style of natural horsemanship that focuses on communicating and working with each horse and their unique personalities. We are excited to offer equine experiences that provide an opportunity to learn more about our horsemanship practices and how we care for, train, and ride our horses.

  • Our trail rides are among our most sought after experiences at Blue Sky and we strongly encourage guests to book their rides well in advance
  • In addition to trail rides, we offer unique horsemanship lessons, equine wellness experiences and much more

Traditions of Natural Horsemanship

At the ranch, we train our horses in the tradition of Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt and the modern day horse whisperer, Buck Brannaman. We believe that our trail horses and our ranch horses should be continually worked on the ground to correct bad habits and ensure the safety and welfare of our riding guests. We work on recognizing the signals that horses give us and we vary the routines to keep it interesting for the horse.

Foundations of Health and Wellness

Horsemanship at Blue Sky is not just about the riding. We believe it starts with how you learn to care for a horse, your sensitivity to how they are feeling and recognizing any health problems that need to be tended to prior to training. We think it's important for the horse to be groomed properly with special attention to diet, supplements and foot care. The ritual of tacking a horse properly and making sure the horse has the proper hydration at all times is key to proper horsemanship. We take our time with the horses and address them as individuals with their own unique needs, limitations and potential.

Equine Adventures

White Tail Trail Ride

Discover the beauty of Blue Sky on this gentle horseback ride across varied terrain in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains.

  • 2 hours
  • $395 per guest
  • Ages 12+
  • Tavern picnic available – inquire for pricing | Picnic option departs at 10AM

Mountains & Meadows

Saddle up for a true equestrian journey through the mountains, meadows, valleys and creeks at Blue Sky.

  • 3 hours
  • $650 per guest | Experienced riders only
  • On-property

Family Ranching at Gracie's Farm

Using our outdoor arena located at Saving Gracie Equine Healing Foundation, we will introduce you to fun ranching and riding activities including roping, obstacle courses and visiting with our herd of rescue goats. Riding is a part of this experience, but certain activities might be reserved for more advanced riders.

  • 2 hours
  • $250 per guest | $100 per guests ages 6 and under (riding is reserved for guests ages 6+)
  • 10 guests max

Western Heritage Arena Riding Experience

This unique arena riding experience invites you to practice your riding skills while learning about the spirit and history of horses and their important place in Western culture. Begin the experience with "groundwork" before hopping into the saddle to work on techniques that are deeply embedded in the “art of cowboying.” This highly customizable experience will vary based on the skill and comfort of the rider.

  • 90 minutes
  • $250 per guest | 4 guests max
  • Ages 8+

Wisdom of the Horse

Did you know that breathwork has been proven to decrease stress, balance blood pressure and improve mood and immunity? Connect with the horses at Blue Sky through guided breathwork and exercises that facilitate a deep connection to these sacred and majestic animals while also deepening your own practice. This is a mutually nurturing experience through touching, breathing and connecting with the horses.

  • 90 minutes
  • $275 per guest
  • Groups available upon request
Horses at The Lodge at Blue Sky
Horses at The Lodge at Blue Sky

The Saving Gracie Equine Healing Foundation

A horse-rescue sanctuary, founded by The Lodge at Blue Sky owner Barb Phillips.

Learn More

Rescue Horse Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is a core belief of The Saving Gracie Equine Healing Foundation. Every horse, no matter their physical or emotional limitations, has a unique rehabilitation program catered to their individual needs. During your time at Gracie’s Farm, you will participate in and learn about these exercises with our rescued and retired horses. From grooming techniques to methods of increasing circulation and range of motion, you will find a connection with our animals through their unique wellness program. 100% of the donation goes directly to Saving Gracie’s.
  • 90 minutes | 10-minute drive from the Lodge

  • $250 donation per guest | 3 guests max

  • Ages 16+

  • Transportation is included

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