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Equine Adventures


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At the Lodge at Blue Sky we practice a specific style of natural horsemanship that focuses on communicating and working with each horse and their unique personalities. We are excited to offer equine experiences that provide an opportunity to learn more about our horsemanship practices and how we care for, train, and ride our horses. Our trail rides are among our most sought after experiences at Blue Sky and we strongly encourage guests to book their rides well in advance. In addition to trail rides we also offer unique horsemanship lessons and equine wellness experiences which can be discovered in the following pages.

The Lodge at Blue SKy

Equine Program

Rescue Horse Rehabilitation

  • Rehabilitation is a core belief of the Saving Gracie’s Equine Healing Foundation. Every horse, no matter its physical or emotional limitations, has a unique rehabilitation program catered to its individual needs. During your time at Gracie’s Farm, you will participate in and learn about these exercises with our rescued and retired horses. From grooming techniques to methods of increasing circulation and range of motion, you will find a connection with our animals through their unique wellness program. 100% of your donation goes directly to Saving Gracie’s.

  • We do whatever it takes to give each individual horse every chance to succeed and live an enriched and happy life. That means something different for each horse, and we let the horse tell us what that is.

  • This experience is very different from any other equine adventure. It isn’t about what the horse can do for us, it’s about listening to the horse and finding what we can do for them. It is incredibly rewarding and genuine when we find that connection with them and they open their hearts to us to begin their healing.

  • This experience is different with each horse each day. Each horse has its own rehabilitation program assigned by our veterinarian and its own comfort levels that can change day to day. You will learn about your horse’s unique conditions, anatomy and physiology, and the specific treatments they receive. Example treatments are massage, therapeutic laser, BEMER (pulse electromagnetic frequency therapy), stretches, balance blocks, and physical therapy such as pole obstacles.

  • 3 guests max, 2 or less preferred (for one-on-one time with their horse) | Age 16+

  • Connect with the horses at Blue Sky through guided breathwork and exercises that facilitate a deep connection to these sacred and majestic animals. Give and receive a nurturing and nourishing experience through touching, breathing & connecting with the horses.

  • 1.5 Hours | Groups available on request

  • Connect to your breath and with the breath of your horse to achieve a deep level of meditation, relaxation and connection.

  • 1 Hour

  • Discover the beauty of Blue Sky on this walking ride across varied terrain in the foothills of our beautiful mountains.

  • This is an ideal trail for riders of all levels, and younger guests ages 12 and older

  • 2 hours | May–November | 6 guests max

  • Practice the art of cowboying with one of our trained cowhands. Learn about and practice the western ranch riding techniques of riding, roping, and cutting in our state of the art Riding Arena. This is a very hands on, fun, and authentic equine experience not to be missed.

  • 1.5 – 2 hours

  • Saddle up for a true equestrian journey through the mountains, meadows, valleys & creeks at Blue Sky.

  • 3 hours | May-November | Experienced Riders Only | 6 guests max

  • The Lodge at Blue Sky is the only guest ranch in North America with their own onsite vet. Learn about our our special horses, their basic anatomy, and participate in helping to give them simple treatments. Experience the day to day life of a Western vet!

  • 1 Hour | 4 Guests Max | Ages 8+

  • Spend your morning exploring the animal care techniques we employ at Gracie’s Farm. At Gracie’s, there isn’t one animal that doesn’t have a special story or personality. During this experience you will get up close and personal with our herd of hens and horses and assist our rescue staff with their daily enrichment and care. 100% of donation goes directly to Saving Gracie’s.

  • 4 Guests Max

  • Experience an introduction to the philosophy and practice of natural horsemanship as you explore the essence of the human/horse relationship through non-verbal communication, action and perception. Guests will work through what we call “groundwork” which will build a foundation of communication and then practice newly found skills in the saddle

  • 1.5 hours | One hour of groundwork and 30 minutes in the saddle

  • Spend an hour in the indoor riding arena with one of our equine instructors. Lessons are highly customizable based on a guest’s comfort and experience. We offer both English and Western disciplines. Lessons are focused on a Natural Horsemanship approach to riding and can include pole work, cavaletti work, dressage, and equitation.

  • $200 per guest | 1 Hour

  • Children ages 5 and older | A parent or guardian must be present for kids under 12

  • Learn the basics of natural horsemanship and cattle moving in the tradition of Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman. Spend time helping our wranglers ride out and do the real work of the ranch, checking fence, moving cows, and enjoying the scenic trails of Blue Sky

  • 2 hours | June – Sept | Experienced Riders Only | 4 guests maximum

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