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Cold Plunge with a Wim Hof Guide


The Experience

Situated along the banks of Alexander Creek beside the tented Edge Sanctuary, Blue Sky's new cold plunge invites you to invigorate your mind, body and spirit. Using spring-fed water from Alexander Creek, the two cold plunge tubs are kept between a brisk 38-42 degrees Fahrenheit. Your cold plunge experience will be led by a Wim Hof-accredited expert to safely guide you through preparation and breathing techniques that will allow you to reap optimal benefits. After your plunge, the fire-warmed Edge Sanctuary is a cozy respite in which you can safely bring your body temperature back up to your usual resting state. Known for reducing inflammation and promoting circulatory and cardiovascular health, cold plunging will leave you feeling awake, clear, inspired and centered. 

  • 90 minutes | $450 | $325 per additional guest

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