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2 night stay

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Farming Director Lynsey watering plants

Summer at Gracie's Farm


The Experience

  • Available Monday - Saturday
Farming Director Lynsey tending to plants

Organic Farm School

Learn the tricks of the trade for creating a biodiverse farm and how to implement sustainable farming practices during a short growing season. Participate in an array of farm chores, including irrigating crops, broadforking, hoeing and cultivating, transplanting vegetables into the ground, and planting seeds in the greenhouse. When the farm chores are done, we will harvest the tender greens, baby root vegetables and flowers that make our farm so special.

Greenhouse at Gracie's Farm

Regenerative Farm Tour

Join us for an intimate tour of our Gracie's Farm with one of our amazing Farmers. The mission of the Farm is to give back more to the earth than we take from it. At the farm we use regenerative and sustainable farming practices. During the Farm tour you will visit our fields, gardens, and grow houses to experience firsthand how we work the land. At the end of the tour you will be invited to help harvest one of our seasonal crops and truly understand what it means to eat from the earth.

Bee hive

Pollinators, Perennials and Medicinals

Gracie’s Farm is known for its tasty and nutritious vegetables. But some of the most important crops on our farm are our perennial plants, flowers, and shrubs. These crops serve so many purposes on the farm, from enriching and protecting the soil, to serving as a safe haven for birds, bugs, and wildlife. We invite you to Gracie’s Farm to tour our perennial gardens, which include our biodiverse hedgerow, to our pollinator garden that serves to feed our bee hives. Finally, we will visit our medicinal herb and perennial garden to harvest from several of these nurturing plants and discover how nature can heal.

Farmers tending to flowers

Cut Flower Bouquet Making

Experience the true beauty of Gracie’s Farm by harvesting and preparing your own simple hand-tied bouquet. You will learn about the history and practices of Gracie’s Farm while strolling through the Three Sisters’ Garden. Seduce your senses while learning about the farm’s flower program, which includes annual cut flowers, as well as perennial flowers and greenery,and even foraged blooms. Then try your hand at cutting your own chosen flowers and handtying your own bouquet for you to enjoy throughout your stay.

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