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Winter at Gracie's Farm


Winter Growing

Learn about the regenerative and sustainable farming methods that we employ at Gracie's Farm. During the colder months, indoor spaces and special growing methods help to extend the longevity of our growing season. Appreciate the innovative components of our greenhouse, walk through the hoop house and discover what we are able to harvest.

  • Tuesdays & Saturdays from 2:00 - 2:30 pm
  • Eight guests max
  • Venture to the Broadfork Barn and learn about our farming and animal care methods. Discover methods of making natural dyes with crops that we grow on Gracie’s Farm. After receiving a demonstration on the technique of dyeing fabrics, each guest can dye their own silk scarf or cotton tote.

  • Six guests max

  • Thursdays from 2pm-3pm

  • Use the forageable plants surrounding Gracie’s farm to create your own masterpiece. From vegetables, to native grasses to willow branches and flowers, we will use these media to paint and create a unique and beautiful piece of art.

  • Eight guests max

  • Pick herbs from our greenhouse and sit down in the cozy barn to concoct your own special tea blend to comfort your health needs. The farm offers both fresh and dried herbs all year, and the winter is a great time to create a tea blend made specifically for you.

  • Six guests max

  • Choose from our winter forageables or what we have growing in the greenhouse to create your own medicinal tinctures and salves. Learn about what we grow and what we can forage at Gracie’s Farm.

  • Five guests max

  • Learn about the seeds that we plant here on Gracie’s Farm, why we choose the crops we do and the value of heirloom seeds. Paint your own seed packets filled with a special blend of seed or a specific vegetable.

  • Eight guests max

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