Join us for a Napa Valley escape to detox, retox and repeat.

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A fresh and vibrant Napa Valley retreat.

A century ago, Calistoga was a town centered around its bubbling natural hot springs and the beautiful weather of the Napa Valley. Today, it’s a bucket-list destination for ardent wine lovers, foodies and wellness seekers for its particularly enviable version of the “good life.” Solage was created to reflect its hometown spirit, drawing visitors as well as area vintners who come here after a day in the vineyards to relax over a glass of wine or a craft cocktail and connect.

Stay at Solage

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From tasting small production wines to cycling down miles of winding country roads, the unique pleasures of Napa Valley await.

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Savor The Tastes of Napa Valley

Picobar is Now Open

Dining at Picobar at Solage
Baja meets Napa Valley
Food at Picobar, Solage
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Share refreshing craft cocktails or a glass of local wine
We really love this place as an escape from the Bay Area. This food is the best anywhere in Napa Valley. The service is exceptional. And the pools are relaxing and energizing. You can burn those calories and be guilt free indulging in next level flavors. California at its best.
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Stories from Solage


Go A Walk Above the Clouds

If you’re planning on hiking Oat Hill Mine Trail, don’t let the weather deter you— foggy mornings are the best time for this hike. After stumbling upon this discovery by chance, the colder and mistier the morning in Napa Valley, the faster I grab my hiking shoes.

Helen Brown
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Do Wine and a Digital Detox

An unexpectedly perfect pair, digital detoxing while wine tasting offers the ideal afternoon at Solage Resort. Here, turn your wine tasting venture into a wellness retreat of sorts and leave your phone behind. An outing that is already so much about cherishing the present moment, wine tasting calls for clinking glasses with good company, appreciating world-renowned wines, and taking in views that photos cannot do justice.

Happy Guest
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Women toasting cocktails, Solage, Napa Valley

Drink Mixology and Mom Time

With college graduation in my rearview mirror and a specialized full-time job ahead, my mother suggested she and I spend some quality time together on a road trip to Calistoga. We were primed to create some fun memories.

Seeking Quality Time
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fresh tacos and Mexican fare, Pico Bar, Solage, Napa Valley

Eat Legendary Fish Tacos at Solbar

Whenever I travel, a full restaurant is a trusted choice as a place to eat, and Solbar was packed for lunch. Savory scents lured me inside and triggered a rumble in my stomach. With so many options on the menu, I took my seat to scope out the dining room for a view of what others were eating. The answer: fish tacos.

Taco Connoisseur
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mixed drink

Drink I Wrote My Best-Seller Over Drinks at Solbar

I always give Solbar a little credit for helping me write my best-selling book. I spent many a night sitting at the bar in Solbar working, and edited most of my book over the bar’s delicious drinks— sometimes it'd be French champagne and sometimes a glass of pinot. More often than not, however, I’d choose the drink that changed my life...

Rachel Shaw
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