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2 night stay

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Guests of all ages will enjoy exploring Blue Sky's 3,500 acres of pristine Utah wilderness. Test your navigational skills with a geocaching excursion, visit our onsite sustainable farm to harvest vegetables, grab a mountain bike and head to our high-alpine lake for a mid-day dip, and sit fireside with your pals while toasting marshmallows and sharing stories.

  • Join one of our instructors as they guide you on our extensive network of mountain biking trails on The Lodge at Blue Sky’s private 3,500 acres

  • Bike to our high-alpine lake for a mid-day dip to cool off

  • Bring a backpack picnic lunch to enjoy in a shaded, scenic spot along the way

  • Set out with one of our fun, expert guides to explore our trail system by foot

  • Search for wildlife such as moose, deer, elk, rabbit, fox and eagles

  • Bring your camera to capture dramatic images of landscape, deer and vistas for unique mementos which you’ll appreciate for years to come

  • Channel your inner lumberjack with an axe throwing competition with your pals

  • Learn proper posture, aim and follow-through

  • Get grounded with a fun, all-levels outdoors yoga practicee

  • Greet the day with a sunrise yoga experience at our outdoor yoga platform overlooking The Lodge and Alexander Canyon

  • Align body, mind and spirit with outdoor guided meditation and crystal bowl sound bathing

  • Embark on a fly fishing excursion with a fun expert fishing guide and your buddies

  • Learn how to select and tie a fly according to season and trout species

  • Receive casting lessons on the lawn before moving to a pond or stream

  • Embark on a gentle hike to collect materials found in nature to create a mixed medium masterpiece

  • Venture to the Yurt for a watercolor class while learning techniques for painting mountain landscapes

  • Create charcoal and colored pencil drawings of our special rescue animals

  • Learn proper safety techniques from your expert instructor from the West London Shooting School

  • Refine your stance, aim and follow through before shooting at our biodegradable sporting clay discs

  • Have fun with a safe sporting clay tournament – the winner takes a prize

  • Meet at The Remuda to get introduced to our special rescue horses

  • Explore our ranch from the best vantage point – the back of a horse – while viewing stunning mountain vistas

  • Take a packed picnic lunch to enjoy mid-ride

  • Test your navigational skills with a fun treasure hunt while learning to properly use a map, compass and GPS

  • Learn to identify animal tracks and create plaster casts to take home with you

  • Embark on a gentle walk through Blue Sky’s property to forage for wild sage

  • Create smudge sticks while learning about how to properly clear energy from a space

  • Take your smudge stick home with you as a treasured memento

  • Meet with one of our farmers to learn about sustainable growing practices

  • Plant or harvest vegetables and herbs

  • Visit our bee hive and learn about harvesting honey and the importance of bees in our ecosystem

  • Feed the chickens and collect eggs from the coop

  • This high-intensity interval training takes place on one of our Blue Sky trails

  • Have fun with this exercise technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of effort followed by short recovery periods S

  • Set amidst the splendor of the mountains on our private 3,500-acres, you’ll feel energized for an invigorating day ahead

  • Meet the real heroes of Blue Sky: Our rescue horses!

  • Learn how to communicate with our horses using energetic, non-verbal queues

  • Learn how to throw a lasso and rope a dummy steer

  • Feed and groom the horses

  • Embark on a hike with a fun, expert guide to some of our most scenic locations for the perfect picture

  • Along the way, learn about local plant and animal life

  • Venture out early to capture the perfect morning light for your social media feed

  • Learn how to use your breath as a tool for healing, relieving anxiety and stress, calming the nervous system, and balancing energy to deepen your meditation practice

  • Breathe in our pure alpine air while restoring body, mind and spirit

  • We are bringing this incredibly unique ancestral Mayan tradition to the mountains of Utah, a place of sacred land and strong ancestral roots

  • Sit around a fire accompanied by the vibrations of crystal singing bowls

  • Sip ceremonial cacao prepared with herbs, spices, tinctures and oil to help you gain access to your Inner Guide and a deeper sense of contentment and peace

  • Venture to The Grove of Ganesh, a secret clearing in an old pine forest for a fun, playful flow class with dance

  • Our wellness guide will facilitate a yoga dance class designed to stimulate your creative expression through movement to synchronize your body, mind and breath

  • Gather around a crackling fire at the end of the day with your friends and siblings

  • Make gourmet S’mores with homemade marshmallows, graham crackers and artisanal chocolate

  • Sip hot cider and trade stories about your favorite moments of the day

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