Three Unique Accommodation Styles and Locations

Design that Mirrors the Majesty of the Land

Blue Sky was designed with deep reverence for nature’s beauty and its unique setting on 3,500 acres of lush, untamed landscape. Choose from three unique accommodation styles and locations: Sky Lodge, Earth Suites, or Creek Houses. Each celebrates the unique elements of the natural environment on which they are situated, and are located within a 3-minute walk from the main amenities of the resort.

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Unforgettable Accommodations

Sky Lodge

Upon arrival at Blue Sky, guests are welcomed into the Sky Lodge, the heart of the resort. High ceilings echo the expanse of our 3,500 acres, and floor-to-ceiling windows naturally frame stunning vistas. The Sky Lodge is home to Blue Sky’s main restaurant, Yuta, the Bar + Lounge, fitness center, movement studio, iconic infinity pool, and 19 one and two-bedroom rooms and suites. These accommodations are ideal for guests seeking the closest proximity to the resort’s amenities. Accessible rooms are available.