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Oct, 2022
Oct, 2022
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#1 Resort on the Island of Hawai'i | Travel + Leisure 2022

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Welcome | E komo mai

Nestled along the dramatic Kohala Coast and in the piko, or center, of five great mountains, Mauna Lani is a sacred oasis where generations of families and friends have made memories together on soulful lands once cherished by the greatest of Hawaiian royalty. Greet the morning sun as it rises above the mountains’ peaks from the seat of an outrigger canoe. Talk story with friends old and new at the Great Lawn as the sounds of ocean waves and laughter mingle. Dine amongst the company of loved ones at CanoeHouse, where locals have savored the island’s bounty for decades. As you walk this storied coastline, breathe the rejuvenating salt air and swim in the crystalline waters, you feel the same mana, or spiritual energy, that first captivated legends like King Kamehameha I and Francis H. I’i Brown.

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Go Home with a Story

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Adventures Start and End Here

The Surf Shack

Inspired by Hawai’i’s iconic surf dens of yesteryear, the Surf Shack is a place of comradery and connectivity, linking Mauna Lani’s white sand beach to the Great Lawn, where family and friends of all ages unearth youth in the form of nostalgic childhood games while marveling wondrously at the ever changing colors of the Hawaiian sunset. Grab your gear, talk story with friends old and new, and ponder the adventures that await as our pro watermen and women prime your journey with ancient Hawaiian wisdom and tales of their ancestors.

A Barefoot Holiday

Lifelong traditions shared by generations of families and friends begin at Mauna Lani. This festive season, gather the 'ohana and head to the Kohala Coast, where holiday memories transpire across sun-kissed landscapes and under starry skies.

Mauna Lani x Broad Street Oyster Company

SoCal’s Seafood Sensation Heads to the Kohala Coast

December 18, 2022 to January 3, 2023

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A private paradise exclusively for you

Laidback and luxurious living blends seamlessly with the essence of Hawai’i in Mauna Lani’s private oceanside residences. Unbeatable ocean views, 4,000 square foot indoor-outdoor spaces and private swimming pools welcome you warmly as you reveal a home away from home-- one which is emblematic of natural refinement and pure togetherness.

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Introducing Mika

Find her stand-up paddle boarding along the coast, sipping a Mika Mai Tai at CanoeHouse, or listening to Uncle Danny’s ukulele in Hale ‘I’ike.

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Do Awaken Your Inner Athlete

Hawaiians have honed their relationship to the sea over many centuries. Daring to ride the biggest waves, sail outrigger canoes across Earth’s largest ocean, and dive into the sea’s salty depths, Hawaiian watermen and women have shown the rest of the world what is possible. Drawing upon this ancient expertise, guests are invited to paddle, pedal and perform by way of Kainalu Sports.

Louis Perez
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Go Connecting with the Spirit of Hawaii

Hiking through Kalāhuipua‘a Historic Park, we stopped along the trail to appreciate the variety of petroglyphs that depict primitive life symbols and provide a view into Hawaiʻi’s rich and ancient history. The area also offers around 40 natural caves composed of lava tubes and partially collapsed lava bubbles that are perfect for exploring, and we were in search of one cave in particular – the mythical “spirit cave”. A short hike from our retreat at Mauna Lani, I was tipped off about the park’s unusual cave during a discussion with Uncle Danny, the resort’s resident expert in Hawaiian history and culture. 

Soaking it all in
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Do How an Ancient Fishpond Breathes

Fat silver fish turn figure eights beneath the surface of Lāhuipua‘a fishpond. Every now and then I catch the flash of an eel’s tail disappearing into the shadows. A slender rock wall encircles the five-acre coastal pond. It’s one of seven ancient fishponds at Mauna Lani—waters once cherished by Hawaiian kings and fishermen alike. Watching ripples spread across the surface of Lāhuipua‘a, I imagine the hands that built its wall eight hundred years ago.

Lana Smith
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Celebrate Hawaiian Stars Under the Full Moon

The last time I attended the Twilight at Kalāhuipua‘a concert series, a beautiful Hawaiian woman jumped up from the audience to dance the hula. Barefoot, with a bright red hibiscus tucked behind her ear, she knew every step by heart. The crowd showered her with applause as she swayed in perfect time to the lilting melodies of old Hawaii.

Music Lover
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