Evolution of a Hawaiian Icon.... Reopening Late 2019

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Where Heaven Meets Earth

Nowhere in the Hawaiian Islands is the land more powerful, more spiritual, more alive than in the sacred realm of Kalāhuipua. An enchanted setting of astoundingly raw and untamed natural beauty, this cherished kingdom has been a royal Hawai‘i Island retreat for the past 800 years—and it still is today. It’s also where you’ll find the new Mauna Lani, where guests are invited to experience a living culture and a deep sense of natural luxury imbued with a sense of island informality that colors every unpretentious moment.

A bounty of special occasions

We felt like we were snorkeling in an aquarium and loved being able to run in the resort, rent snorkel equipment, paddle board and enjoy the beach! We will definitely come back.

Authentic Cultural Togetherness

Respect and nurture Kalāhuipua‘a’s rich cultural heritage through authentic experiences, and engaging programs.

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