A treasured Austin landmark, re-envisioned with modern glamour.

bedroom with king bed at Commodore Perry Estate
Mansion at Commodore Perry Estate, Austin TX
Commodore Perry Estate Garden Nook Patio
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Welcome to the Commodore Perry Estate

Relaxed European elegance with true gracious Texas hospitality

Reimagined by internationally renowned designer Ken Fulk, this private retreat brings a new level of contemporary glamour and whimsical soul to Austin. A modern interpretation of a residential estate from yesteryear, these picturesque grounds offer a welcoming 10-acre setting in the heart of the city. It's the beginning of something special.

Stay at Commodore Perry Estate

Holiday garland and wreath atop a hearth
Person placing dough atop a holiday pie
Man and woman roasting s'mores at outdoor firepit
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Holidays at Commodore Perry Estate

Southern Hospitality, Storied Traditions

Let Texas hospitality envelop you in its warm embrace. Savor old-fashioned pastries and vintage scotch while tapping your feet to the newest stars of the Austin music scene. After indulging in an elegant, locally sourced feast at Lutie's, take time to relax by the fire in our sunken gardens or Mansion living room and slowly sip in the holiday spirit.
Mansion roof
Mansion roof

Auberge ArtSalon Series

'Reverberation' by Delaney Allen

Texas-born artist and photographer, Delaney Allen, has created a deceptively illusory, multi-element installation called A Reverberation, with vivid floral motifs centering around the rose to complement the property’s maximalist Ken Fulk design.

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From Sunday's Supper served family style around the table to sipping reserves and reminiscing listening to vintage records, unique pleasures await.

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Stories from Commodore Perry Estate

Delaney Allen - Artist in Residence at Commodore Perry Estate

Do Auberge ArtSalon - A Reverberation

It is often said that artists hold up a mirror to society. If this is the case, then their art serves as a prism through which we can view the times we live in, often from an entirely new perspective. In the Auberge ArtSalon series, six emerging artists will turn their own unique gaze on six iconic Auberge retreats to create art installations that reflect each property’s individual character, setting, heritage, and place in the world today.

Delaney Allen
Artist in Residence
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The Treaty Oak in Austin Texas

Learn Still Standing Tall: The Legend of the Treaty Oak

I’d come to Austin for a chance to kick back and take in some of the stunning hill country scenery but my day soon took a twist I hadn’t anticipated. I’m taken in by the history that surrounds me at the estate – built as a country home by Edgar “Commodore” Perry, a longtime Austin real estate developer in the late 1920s – and I stop to talk with Jackie to learn more.

Historian at Heart
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Round Top Treasures

Go An Insider’s Visit to Round Top

I’ve been standing outside the doors to the Round Top Antiques Fair for 30 minutes, but if you’re not here before the doors open, you’ll miss your chance on the best items. I’ve been coming to Round Top since I was a little girl, when my mother, aunt, and I would drive over from Louisiana. Since those early days, Round Top, just an hour and 15 minutes outside of Austin, has evolved from a flea market into a European antiques fair, with big-name dealers coming in from all around the world to sell their rare collectibles.

Brittany Baque
Senior Designer at Ken Fulk
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Commodore Perry Estate in Austin TX

Learn If These Walls Could Talk – The Legend of Edgar “Commodore” Perry

Walking these halls each day, I’m always taken in by the attention to authentic historical detail that greets me at every turn – from the incredible Mediterranean-style architecture and design to artful décor and landscaping that all pay homage to the estate’s rich past and the vision of its original owner, Edgar Howard “Commodore” Perry.

Marco Bustamante
General Manager
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Man holding a basket of peaches

Do Sweet as Peaches

My husband and I are driving the backcountry roads that wind through the Texas Hill Country, heading to Fredericksburg. An hour and a half west of Austin, the country drive takes us past Texas Longhorn cattle with three-feet-long horns, and enticing mom-and-pop antique shops that will have to wait for another time. On these last days of summer vacation, we are on a mission to eat the peaches that Fredericksburg is famous for. That rose-gold fruit has always represented summer to me - the long, slow days of youth that stretch out forever - and I’m nostalgic for the floral fruit.

In Search for Fresh Fruit
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