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Visiting Masters Program: Ernesto Fallas


The Experience

Ernesto Fallas has over 15 years of fitness experience as a personal trainer, and has dedicated his entire life to finding balance through the three essential well-being pillars of mind, body and soul. Passionate about nutrition, he believes the foundation of a healthy body is through sustainably sourced food and mindful eating techniques. Ernesto teaches his communities the philosophy that food is medicine and uses local ingredients and easy recipes to help support his clients.

  • July 1 - 28, 2024

Group Offerings

  • San Isidro Market Visit (2.5 hours)

    Discover one of Costa Rica’s largest farmers markets, all through the eyes of THE WELL Visiting Master Ernesto Fallas. On this guided visit, you’ll enjoy a hands-on exploration of local produce, along with expert advice on how to navigate your own weekly shopping once home.

  • Release Burning Ceremony (30 minutes)

    Let go of what no longer serves you and manifest a new year ahead with our signature intention setting and burning ceremony.

  • Ceremonial Cacao Ritual (60 minutes)

    This ancient practice draws from the spiritual traditions of Central America, utilizing the ceremonial elements of cacao, meditation and breathwork, and allowing you the space and tools to open your heart and reconnect.

  • Better Sleep and Nutrition (60 min)

    Take a deep dive into regenerative wellness, and learn foundational tools to support the healing of your body, mind and spirit. You’ll receive personalized steps to help you sleep better and live a healthier life.

  • Herbalism Workshop at El Cultivo  (60 min)

    Explore the relationship and synchronicity we have with the plant word. Discover how plants and herbs are primary medicine on all levels, not only chemical and physical, but also energetic and spiritual.


  • Breathwork and Cold Exposure (30 min)

    Experience the use of breathwork as a tool to help amplify your cold water immersion routine. This session is held in Casa de Agua, and will be done both in and out of the water to make the most of the practice. Beginners to both breathwork and cold plunging are welcome.

  • Detoxifying Stomach Massage (30 minutes)

    Move internal stagnation and release congested energy through a physical and energetic bodywork therapy based on Thai massage techniques. The combination of gentle and deep touch on the abdomen can help to stimulate digestive function and alleviate emotional stress.

  • Nutritional Coaching Session (60 min)

    In this personalized session, discuss health concerns and nutrition goals, and receive actionable tips and practical solutions for creating a sustainable longevity plan.

  • Somatic Dinner at El Cultivo

    During this special dinner, guests will be guided through a sensory dining experience, stimulating and awakening their taste and smell senses while focusing on the nutrients and tastes, all while being guided through a meditation.

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