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Hongos & Miel de Talamanca


The Experience

In the neighboring valley of Rivas, this culinary exploration will showcase unique cultivators and allow you to sample local products while learning the stories of those who harvest them. Arriving at Oaks Hongo Shiitake, the experience takes place in two parts, introducing you to the shiitake mushrooms grown onsite, as well as locally harvested honey. First, you’ll meet Erick and Lorena of Oaks Hongo Shiitake, aptly named for the oak trunks in which the mushrooms are grown. The venture, which started in 2017, was initially started by the couple for their families, but has since grown into a successful business selling to businesses throughout Perez Zeledon and San Jose. Next, you’ll meet Marcos Granados, who has always been passionate about bees and who has been able to turn his passion into a vocation. Alongside his family, Marco cultivates the bees and beehives, which provide delicious honey. To conclude your experience, combine the ingredients for a tasting snack: taking the mushrooms you earlier collected, you’ll see how they can be used with different products and how you can alter the tasting profile with sweet and savory combinations.

  • Minimum age: No minimum
  • Duration: 4-5 hours

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