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Colorful parrots in a tree
Colorful parrots in a tree

Hiking & Nature on the Pacific Coast


The Experience

Take advantage of the Pacific coastline, which sits just an hour and a half away by car, to discover the unique habitat defined by the interaction of the tropical rainforest and the ocean. The warmer and more humid climate, coupled with the low altitude and presence of the open water differentiates this forest with the one you find at the foothills of the Talamanca Mountains. Depart early to experience morning wildlife, as the flora and fauna wake up hungry and begin their active foraging, offering the best opportunity to spot wild animals as you hike along single trails within the Barú Private Reserve, a protected area that combines forest, beach and the mouth of one of the most important rivers in the area. The nature walk is gentle and the labyrinth of single trails allow us to stay there as long as desired, identifying species of fauna along the way and learning from the flora in this rich coastal ecosystem. Similar to the famed Manuel Antonio, the advantage here is not only the distance from the hacienda but also the seclusion, which makes it an ideal place to observe unaltered wildlife away from volumes of people. Following the hike, the next part of the adventure is yours to choose: Keep exploring nature in Marino Ballena National Park, trek to a local waterfall, or choose a secret beach to relax and enjoy the sun. Enjoy lunch at leisure at a locally owned restaurant, with great ocean views and a laid back atmosphere, before heading back to the hacienda.

  • While this is designed as a half day experience, you can choose to extend your stay, enjoying the beaches or exploring the quaint beach town
  • This tour takes guests by car from the resort to the Pacific Coast; The drive is approximately one and a half hours each way

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