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La Casita del Cedro


The Experience

“La Casita del Cedro” translates to “The Little Cedar House” - and this culinary-driven experience revolves around the little house in the lush mountains, boasting epic views and complete privacy. Enjoy an unforgettable breakfast or lunch with the freshest possible local ingredients. Depart the hacienda by car and venture into Cedral to start your immersive experience in the valley. After a scenic drive, arrive at the Venegas Family farm. Once taking in the beauty of the natural surroundings, you’ll set to work: visit their chicken coop and gather freshly laid eggs. Walk through their vegetable garden, inspecting the local produce and picking various ingredients. Spend as much time discovering the farm as you please. Once you’ve checked off your ingredients list, you’ll begin the short trek to your dining destination. A 20-minute uphill hike will lead you to discover “la Casita del Cedro”. Perfectly perched in the midst of the rolling hillside, the quiet surroundings will encourage you to pause and take in the majestic beauty of Mother Nature. Arrive at the quaint house, where the Venegas Family will be waiting for you. With the delivery of your ingredients, they will set to work, preparing a traditional Costa Rican breakfast or lunch on the wood-burning stove. Sit on the small porch and enjoy your homemade meal. Enjoy the time to relax into your surroundings, viewing various birds, butterflies or other creatures that call this natural landscape home. Once ready, you’ll hike back down the 20 minutes to your awaiting car to return you to the hacienda.

  • 5 years + is suggested due to the 20 minute hik
  • Duration: 4.5 hours

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