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Tico Baking in El Campo


The Experience

Discover local treats and traditional homemade breads with this hands-on baking experience in Cedral. Arrive at the quaint home of Doña Lorena and her daughter Marta, where the table is set for you to discover everyday Tico baking. With ingredients at the ready, it’ll be your job to prepare your batter. Made from a simple combination of ingredients, this recipe is one that is followed in nearly every Costa Rican home, and your hosts will guide you into the proper proportions for success. Craft your dough into shapes born out of your own creativity or create ‘rosquillas’ inspired by the Tico influence. Concoct small empanadas, a Tico staple, stuffed with traditional fillings. Once laid out on the pan, they’ll be popped into the oven and you can take a breath and a break from your busy work.

  • Duration: 2.5 hours

As your treats are cooked to perfection, learn about the history of the Doña Lorena’s family, one of the first to settle in Cedral. Enjoy a coffee or chocolate, which is ideal to imbibe alone or alongside your fresh-out-of-the-oven treats. Sample the various baked goods and bag a couple up to take back to your casita for a late night snack.

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