Couple walking on trails at Hacienda AltaGracia
Follow the winding trails to discover hidden gardens filled with hummingbirds and butterflies.
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Travel to Costa Rica and Hacienda AltaGracia Resort

Getting Here

Travel to Costa Rica

Traveling to Hacienda AltaGracia is made easy by our seasoned team and your dedicated personal concierge “compa." Choose from chartered flights, private flight or car. You will be assisted at every step of your arrival to ensure an efficient and effortless journey.

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Charter Flights

Charter flights on a Cessna Grand Caravan are regularly scheduled from San José international airport.
  • Charter flights can accommodate up to 10 passengers, at $245 per passenger per way.

  • If all guests have arrived ahead of a scheduled charter departure time, the departure can be moved earlier.

  • Total trip time is 1 hour – 25 minute flight + 35 minute shuttle transfer.

  • Call 855-452-6326 or email to inquire and book.


Private flights arrive directly into the resort's Pista, allowing you to immediately immerse yourself in our wellness, culinary and adventure experiences.

  • Private flights start at $900 per way.
  • Private flights with fewer than six passengers arrive directly to AltaGracia’s airstrip.
  • Private flights with more than six passengers arrive at the Pérez Zeledón Airport, followed by a 35-minute shuttle transfer to the resort.
  • Call 855-452-6326 or email to inquire and book.

Traveling by private car takes guests on a scenic tour over the mountains or along the Pacific Coast.

  • Private car transfers start at $375 per journey.
  • Journeys take three to five hours, depending on route.
  • A number of vehicles are available to accommodate couples, families or larger groups.
  • Call 855-452-6326 or email to inquire and book.
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