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Cataratas Kilo


The Experience

Venture to San Jerónimo, where a world of natural wonders awaits. Following a one-hour scenic car journey, you will arrive for your adventure, which kicks off immediately with an active uphill hike. Although short, this steep walk will warm up your legs and work up your appetite as you arrive at the mountain cabin of the Fonseca Quirós family for a light breakfast snack to maintain your energy for the tailored hike to follow.

  • Level: Moderate to difficult
  • Minimum age: 12 years old
  • Duration: 6 to 8 hours

An area of immense natural beauty, Cataratas Kilo will introduce you to six magnificent waterfalls of crystalline waters over a 6 kilometer circular trail, boasting a variety of terrain and memorable views. The hike can be altered to suit differing needs, depending on how much you want to challenge yourself (and how close you want to get to the various waterfalls). Hiking to the main viewpoint will take you to a maximum elevation of 1,933 meters (6,342 feet), climbing a total of 473 meters (1,552 feet). The most difficult part of the hike - it is well worth it when you arrive at the vista, looking across a deep valley at a cascade of three waterfalls. From there, you will begin your descent, allowing you to get up close and personal with those same waterfalls from the other side of the valley. The remainder of your trek is a mostly meandering trail with few uphills and steady declines, winding through the forest and along the river stream, before arriving back at the house for a well-deserved rest and local lunch.

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