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Mina Escondida


The Experience

Discover a series of beautiful local waterfalls in our neighboring valley on this adventure, which will reveal the stunning beauty of Pachamama - or Mother Nature. This outing to Mina Escondida will have guests discovering a hidden local secret tucked into the natural surroundings of primary forest. A short uphill hike and 20-minute downhill walk leads to an unexpected clearing and unforgettable sight. Meet the first of a series of small waterfalls, which provides a beautiful respite for guests to relax and bathe in the beauty of Mother Nature. Along the path of discovery, enjoy a small traditional snack and then head to Mina Escondida waterfall, where you can bathe in the magical spray of the namesake cascade. During your journey, ensure to take in the sounds and sights of nature. In this primary forest, you may have the opportunity to spot an array of flora and fauna - including some species that you won’t find around the hacienda, such as monkeys, toucans and incredible varieties of ferns. For those brave enough to enter the chilly waters, pack a bathing suit and refresh in various nature-made plunge pools. Hike the 20 minutes back to your transportation to return to the hacienda.

  • This experience is suitable for guests aged 6 and above
  • The full experience takes approximately 3 hours. Guests drive 30 minutes into the valley and hike about 20 minutes to the waterfall
  • For guests looking for a more active adventure and longer hike, refer to Mina Escondida

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