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Family Vacations at Hacienda AltaGracia


Time together at Hacienda AltaGracia will ignite you and your loved ones’ sense of discovery and adventure against the backdrop of stunning natural beauty. Showcasing picturesque terraces with stunning views over lush landscapes, our expansive accommodations are perfect for families of any size to relax and reconnect. Little ones can join our Junior Adventurers’ Club where they'll discover Costa Rican traditions and explore our lands through curated daily activities, while families make memories through personalized adventure experiences, poolside play and soulful culinary journeys. Allow our lush natural landscape and rich Latin American culture to create cherished memories together.

Junior Adventurer’s Club

Ages 5-12

For our youngest and most curious minds, the Junior Adventurers' Club inspires play, exploration and education, allowing parents the opportunity to disconnect and completely immerse in the total well-being of Hacienda AltaGracia. Children will discover Costa Rican traditions and explore our lands through curated daily activities. Stretch it out in a kid-friendly workout class, observe the wonderful world of butterflies in our on-site butterfly garden or revel in the handcrafted nets at 'Jugando’, our children's rope course and play area - we invite our junior guests to embark on fun and adventure while connecting to the spirit of Latin America. Morning sessions (8am-1pm), afternoon sessions (12pm-5pm) or full day sessions (8am-5pm) are available.

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Jugando | Children’s Rope Course & Play Area

Discover the handcrafted nets and moments of surprise at 'Jugando' [hoo-GAN-doh], our children's rope course and play area. This interactive area provides children with the freedom and confidence to explore their inner adventurer. Supervised play takes place in the mornings and afternoons to help our junior guests expend energy and enjoy creative and skill-building play in a safe and captivating environment.

Caligo | Butterflies and Beyond

Step into Caligo [ka-LEE-go], our enclosed butterfly garden, to discover the world of butterflies - from pupa to beautiful fluttering creature, learn about the life cycle of these amazing insects with one of our experts and view various species within our enclosed garden. Let your child’s imagination ignite as he or she takes in the beautiful sight of all of these special mariposa species.

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Just for Parents

Your children will be fully immersed in exciting culture-filled activities and meaningful outdoor experiences that celebrate the unique spirit of Costa Rica, while you can spend your days relaxing and embracing the romantic and uniquely beautiful setting of Altagracia. Allow the magic of Hacienda Altagracia to create cherished memories that will reinvigorate, inspire, and inspire opportunities to connect deeper with each other, with yourself and with the earth.

Stay Together

Our two-bedroom Casitas are our most spacious accommodations, providing the ideal escape for families to gather and enjoy the rich nature of Costa Rica. Inspired interiors, expansive terraces and personal pools in some allow for every comfort.

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