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Discover Costa Rica with Sapoa Adventures


The Experience

Discover Costa Rica in its most authentic, raw, and adrenalized form - from unique wildlife encounters to coastal aquatic adventures to cultural immersions, guests will not want to miss these opportunities to enrich their time at Hacienda AltaGracia with a once-in-a-lifetime Costa Rican adventure.

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Tortuguero National Park

  • The North Caribbean of Costa Rica is one of the most distinct, isolated and biodiverse places in the country, and this northern corner of the coastline is one of the most protected and untouched areas of Costa Rica. Arriving by fixed wing airplane, you will have unfiltered access to this remote place that many explorers take days to venture to. Enter Tortuguero National Park, in search of wildlife from the comfort of the full canopy motor boat through the primary forest and network of canals that define this locale. As the day advances, enter more secluded areas deep in the jungle by artisanal canoes, gaining access to a delicate part of the channel where motor boats are not allowed. After the wildlife adventure, walk through the picturesque local village to witness how people live in such a remote area. Finish the day with a family-style lunch served by a pioneering family of Tortuguero. As the day comes to a close, hop back into your private aircraft for the last aerial views of this tropical jewel on your way back to AltaGracia.

Osa Peninsula & Corcovado National Park

  • Most of the Osa Peninsula is currently protected thanks to Costa Rica’s government establishing the famed Corcovado National Park. Discover the magnificent diversity of this protected land as you touch down by private aerial transportation in Drake’s Bay, and jump in a full canopy boat to navigate to the most remote Ranger Station of Corcovado National Park: Sirena. One of the most active wildlife locations on Earth – and the best place to encounter the remarkable Bairds’s Tapir. Enjoy a light lunch on the boat as you head back to Drake’s Bay, and stop in the tiny downtown to grab a drink with the locals. Your aerial transportation will be waiting to take you back to AltaGracia just in time to enjoy golden hour at the hacienda. Depending on the season and weather conditions, whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife can be observed from the boat during your journey.
Monkey in a tree

Osa Peninsula & Isla del Caño

  • The Osa Peninsula is one of the most biodiverse and complex ecosystems on Earth, holding at least 3% of all species of the entire planet within its borders. Easily accessible from AltaGracia, arrive in Sierpe by car or plane, to begin your journey of cultural and nature discovery. Witness the iconic ancient stone spheres, a symbol of the native indigenous cultures, some of which still remain in this area. Following the quick dive into local history, jump in a full canopy boat to navigate the labyrinth of channels, the biggest mangrove system of Central America, looking for wildlife. Birds, alligators and sloths may be spotted as you move slowly into hidden offshoots, before finding your way to the open ocean. Once in the blue waters, head to Isla del Caño Biological Reserve, the best place for snorkeling and diving in the region. Light lunch is served on the boat, followed by a beach hopping hike. The hike is one of our favorites in the country: an easy single trail over mostly flat terrain, where secluded beaches are plentiful and people are scarce.

Pacuare River Rafting & Visit to Guayabo

  • Costa Rica is known for great rafting - a ‘must do’ activity for adrenaline seekers – but there is one river, the Sacred Pacuare, that stands above the rest. Unreachable by most, the AltaGracia experience takes you to the Upper-Upper Section of the river, where seclusion allows for casual interactions with native indigenous fishermen and very rarely another raft on the go. During this full day experience, immerse in the past and the present of the Turrialba area as you start at the Archeological National Monument of Guayabo, an ancient lost city that was abandoned at the time of the Spanish Conquest and rediscovered centuries after. Here, with a private archeologist- anthropologist and native indigenous guide, you will witness the magnificence of ancient history in one of the most studied sites in the country. A short lift from Guayabo by helicopter takes you to a pristine section of the Pacuare River, where a world class rafting competitor will take you through class III and IV rapids. At the end of the adventure, a locally-inspired open fire lunch awaits riverside for a well-deserved organic meal in the middle of nowhere – or, from a different perspective, in the middle of everything.

Costa Rican Open Water Fishing

  • In this full-day fishing excursion, guests will share a cultural experience with the locals, who have an intrinsic connection with nature and still keep the ancient way of living in a place that has changed little over time. Guests will have two fishing options; in-shore or off-shore, which are defined by the type of fish you may encounter. For in-shore fishing, we tend to stay close to the shore aiming for a wide variety of species doing mainly trolling and life bait fishing. The species we can catch vary from different kinds of snapper, grouper, mackerel, jacks, and more. With the offshore option, you will travel around 25 miles into the deepest part of the fishing area. There we will search for schools of dolphins to aim for yellowfin tuna and different species of marlin and sailfish. Please be aware that some species are catch and release.

Hiking & Nature on the Pacific Coast

  • Take advantage of the Pacific coastline, which sits just an hour and a half away by car, to discover the unique habitat defined by the interaction of the tropical rainforest and the ocean. The warmer and more humid climate, coupled with the low altitude and presence of the open water differentiates this forest with the one you find at the foothills of the Talamanca Mountains. Depart early to experience morning wildlife, as the flora and fauna wake up hungry and begin their active foraging, offering the best opportunity to spot wild animals as you hike along single trails within the Barú Private Reserve, a protected area that combines forest, beach and the mouth of one of the most important rivers in the area. Following the hike, the next part of the adventure is yours to choose: Keep exploring nature in Marino Ballena National Park, trek to a local waterfall, or choose a secret beach to relax and enjoy the sun. Enjoy lunch at leisure at a locally owned restaurant, with great ocean views and a laid back atmosphere, before heading back to the hacienda.

The Quest for the Quetzal

  • The resplendent quetzal is a sought-after species for avid bird watchers and ecotourists. Its colorful appearance and the long, flowing tail of the adult male make it an incredible sight. Venture high into Cerro de la Muerta, discovering the National Park in the cloud forest, home to many endemic species of plants that attract various birds and animals to the area. The viewing of a quetzal in the wild is not a guaranteed event as they can be quite elusive, so our memorable excursion is an adventure in itself, focusing on the excitement around the tracking of the birds.

Fresh & Salty Waters: Surfing & Waterfalls in Uvita

  • Explore the fresh and salty waters of the Pacific Coast surf town of Uvita, where the waves, a surfboard and your professional instructor will be waiting! Depart the hacienda in the morning for a day at the beach featuring a laid back lunch at a local family owned restaurant, surf lessons with a professional instructor, a beautiful waterfall trek, and a leisurely afternoon in the sun. Whether you’re in for the thrill of the waves or wishing to lounge in the sand this experience is designed for the whole family to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

Blue Zone & Artisanal Immersion

  • An opportunity to connect with Costa Rica’s ancient roots, discover how great longevity is achieved on the Nicoya Peninsula - one of the world’s five Blue Zones. Visit the 20 hectare private farm of a local family, where you will unfold the secrets of the Blue Zone. Experience passed-down artisanal traditions, such as pottery making, textile embroidery and traditional mask painting, showcasing how these cultures embrace their ancient traditions. A family-style lunch features food that is charged with well-being, bringing a full circle of understanding to why these people live the longest, happiest and healthiest lives on the planet. Finish the day with a gentle hike to a nearby waterfall, where we encourage you to jump in the crystal clear waters for a refreshing dip before boarding your private plane back to AltaGracia.

Savegre Nature & Cultural Journey

  • Savegre, a small and vibrant town tucked into the Talamanca Mountains, one of the largest protected areas of the country, has managed to retain its remote beauty, reflecting the slower rhythm that was dictated by the old-school way of life in Costa Rica. This experience showcases both the natural resources and rich culture of this small town and offers you a chance to share in the daily life of the locals and experience “costarriquenismo” - an authentic expression of the culture of the past, where microsourcing of natural resources sat at the heart of the local identity. Begin with a light breakfast, before setting out for a walking tour of the surrounding gardens. The next part of your experience will entail either a moderate hike culminating in a beautiful waterfall, or a birdwatching tour. You’ll then return for a lunch feast, which features authentic Costa Rican dishes shared throughout generations. Conclude lunch with a “wine “tasting, showcasing the revolutionary entrepreneurship of a local family, who uses hibiscus flowers, rather than grapes, to obtain this unique local take on a traditional beverage. Finally, head to a local coffee farm of a local family for a look into artisanal coffee production.

The Indigenous Lives of the Boruca

  • Arrive at the center of the native reservation where you will be welcomed by the Grandfather of the Fire to set an intention. An artistic performance by Cas Chí, named “The Creation of the Night” will be performed, with our guide explaining the cultural symbolism as you watch. Visit the nearby mountain to walk the forest and learn its importance to the native indigenous, how they pass down ancient knowledge of the harvest and incorporate it as part of their local diet. Returning into the village, receive a full introduction about the symbolic art of mask making, an iconic tradition among this particular native people, as you sit with the locals to paint your own mask. Later, a group of ladies from the community will show you one of their ancient practices, the making of traditional fabrics from organic cotton, including some of the seasonal natural pigments that they use and the techniques to make the different braided and combination of colors.

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