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Quesos Canaan


The Experience

In the neighboring village, approximately 45 minutes from the hacienda, is Canaan, a little mountainside community at the outskirts of Chirripó National Park. Here lies the home, cheese production facilities and shop of Wilbert and his family. This small farm has been within the family for several generations, but under Wilbert’s vision, it has transformed into the production that it is today.

  • Duration: 4 to 5 hours

  • Having seen the decline in agricultural production, Wilbert began to explore uncommon channels – leading him eventually to meet a Swiss gentleman eager to teach the lessons of his country’s cheesemaking. A completely foreign concept to Costa Ricans, who were used to ‘queso fresco’ – a raw fresh cheese with no aging process – the Swiss style cheeses were quite a culture shock. As he learned and perfected the processes, locals would refuse the taste and gawk at the smell. But with a growing European community in Canaan, Wilbert soon found success in his creations.

  • Today the family runs a successful artisan cheese business. All his products are sold locally and directly, working with various private buyers as well as small shops, hotels and restaurants within the country, including AltaGracia. On this bespoke tour, you’ll have the opportunity to tour the small family farm, learn about its history and follow the cheese-making process, from cow to plate.

  • Conclude your visit with a sampling – from goat to cow’s cheeses, mozzarella to Swiss cheese, you’ll have a variety of options to delight your taste buds before heading back to the hacienda.

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