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Aerial view of a coastline
Aerial view of a coastline

Sun, Sand & Solitude on the Pacific


The Experience

In need of a day of sun and sand? Our curated day at the beach provides the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the Pacific Ocean on an easy escape. Leave the hacienda early morning to take advantage of a full day. The scenic 1.5-hour drive up and over the mountain ridge will take you down into Dominical, a sleepy surf village well known on the tourist tract. However, this day will take you off the beaten path to our favorite spot – a wide and hidden beach surrounded by tropical forest. The short hike in is the perfect barrier to keep the crowds away and will have you reaching a beautiful beach, where it isn’t rare to find yourself as the only guests around. Find a private place to relax and nurture the sun. A small cooler packed with natural drinks, a few snacks and a beach blanket will be your gear for the day, allowing you the chance to stay here as long as the sun does. If in need of a quick break from the rays, grab lunch at a local restaurant overlooking the famous Whale’s Tail at Marino Ballena National Park. After lunch, head back to the same spot or explore other beaches – from the most popular to the most hidden.

  • This day is yours to craft – spend time walking along endless beaches, dive into the ocean waters, or grab a local craft beer and feel the vibe of the tiny downtown
  • Guests traveling back to the hotel by car even have the option to stay and enjoy the sunset
  • This day is flexible and adaptable to ensure your idea of a perfect day at the beach is realized
  • This tour can be done by helicopter or car, up and over the mountain ridge and to the Pacific Coast; Tours by helicopter must depart the beach no later than 4:00 pm due to flying restrictions

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