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6 night stay

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Junior Adventurers’ Club


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For our youngest and most curious minds (ages 6-15), AltaGracia adventurers' club inspires play, exploration and education, while parents can have the opportunity to experience the total well-being of Hacienda AltaGracia. Children will explore local customs & traditions and discover our lands through curated activities such as forest hikes, local arts & crafts, and immersive cooking classes. Curated activities led by our teams encourage junior guests to spend their morning delving into wellness, adventure and culinary - with supervised open play and games in the afternoon.

  • For Ages 6 - 15
  • Available Daily | Starting May 30 - September 11
  • Morning Session | 9AM - 12PM - snack included
  • Supervised Open Play | 1PM - 5PM
  • $150 per adventurer
  • Call 855.812.2212 or email to inquire

Junior Adventurers’ Club

Junior guests are led to explore local culinary traditions, discover the excitement of adventure, and practice the meaning of pura vida, while we invite parents to move fast or slow knowing their children are being well cared for by the AltaGracia family.

Mini Hacienda Explorers | Adventure

  • Insects Lab: Search for interesting insects and plants, discovering the uniqueness of Costa Rica with your expert guide.

  • Forest Exploration Hike: Join our team for an exploration on one of our forest trails. Your guide will bring along a magnifying glass to explore interesting things you discover along the way.

  • Slackline for Kids: Test your balance and your inner concentration with this fun-filled session on the slackline. Learn basic techniques to center yourself and your breath and find your balance.

  • Knots Workshop: Learn how to create different types of knots and the use for each of them. You’ll have a chance to learn more about the climbing story of AltaGracia and how we’ve crafted different nets, including the Mid Net along our network of trails.

  • Horse Spa: Meet the extended family of AltaGracia – our horses – and learn a little about them. Take a tour of Los Establos and help to wash and groom one of our friendly horses.

Taste of Costa Rica | Culinary

  • Flavors of Apretados: Explore an age old favorite of Costa Rican children with a modern flavor twist from the Mixology team of AltaGracia. This interactive workshop encourages exploration and joy with homemade treats to enjoy.

  • The Art Of… Avocado: Get hands on with and learn the proper process of making guacamole by pestle and mortar and explore different varieties of avocado.

  • Garden Art – Wind Chimes: Use your imagination with different natural products to create your own piece of garden art – catching the sounds of the mountain winds for a magical soundtrack of AltaGracia.

  • The Art of… Chocolate: Discover the history and production of cacao, a coveted product of Costa Rica – and get your taste buds ready for a bit of experimenting with this favorite treat.

  • The Art of… Tortillas & Empanadas: Work with different types of dough to produce these local staples and learn the ancient culinary techniques passed down through generations.

  • Creative Cookies: Bring out your inner artist with this fun workshop decorating our homemade cookies and cupcakes with various icings and local toppings.

Little Pura Vida | Wellness

  • Stretch It Out: Get ready to move your body with a fun, invigorating and kid-friendly workout class, led by our expert personal trainer.

  • The Power of Crystals: Hike through the forest to THE WELL Crystal Rancho, where you’ll discover a 700-lb crystal quartz, and learn the power of these master healers.

  • Forest Yoga: Move your body and connect to your breath, all while having fun! This beginner’s yoga class leans into poses based on the nature and animals that surround AltaGracia.

  • Mindfulness in Nature: Stop and smell the flowers, literally! Join THE WELL team for a lesson in how to be mindful and tap into our senses when in nature.

  • Mat Pilates for Kids: Discover the wonders of your body and strengthen and lengthen your muscles while learning the basic techniques of this mindful movement practice.

  • Alchemy Bar – Making Your Own Scrub: Get your hands dirty with various local natural products that can be used to make your own body scrub. Choose your unique combination and learn about the benefits for this interactive wellness workshop.

  • Moving Through Dance: Connect movement with music and rhythm with breath in this joyful session, led by a local expert.

  • Sound Bowl Play: Explore the power of sound through a playful lesson of listening games. Enjoy an interactive session with our sound healing instruments, used to promote a sense of focus, stillness and relaxation.


Enjoy supervised open play at The Green Fields with a variety of games and activities.


Your children will be immersed in activities that inspire play, exploration, education and movement, while you can spend your days experiencing total well-being and unbridled adventure.

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