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Junior Adventurers’ Club


Complimentary Junior Adventurers’ Club all summer for ages 5-12

For our youngest and most curious minds, ages 5-12, the Junior Adventurers' Club inspires play, exploration and education, allowing parents the opportunity to disconnect and completely immerse in the total well-being of Hacienda AltaGracia. Children will discover Costa Rican traditions and explore our lands through curated daily activities. Stretch it out in a kid-friendly workout class, observe the wonderful world of butterflies in our on-site butterfly garden or revel in the handcrafted nets at 'Jugando' [hoo-GAN-doh], our children's rope course and play area - we invite our junior guests to embark on fun and adventure while connecting to the spirit of Latin America.

  • Call 855.812.2212 or email to inquire
  • Complimentary Kids Club all summer for ages 5-12
  • Available Daily
  • Morning Session | 8:30AM - 12PM | Includes Morning Snack 
  • Afternoon Session | 1PM - 4:30PM | Includes Afternoon Snack 

Junior Adventurers’ Club

Allow our AltaGracia family to guide your children through a full or half-day of activities including nutritional meals and local snacks.

Mini Hacienda Explorers | Adventure

  • Butterflies & Beyond at Caligo: Step into Caligo [ka-LEE-go], our enclosed butterfly garden, to discover the world of butterflies – from pupa to beautiful fluttering creature, learn about the life cycle of these amazing insects and view various species within our enclosed garden.

  • Horse Spa: Meet the extended family of AltaGracia – our horses – and learn a little about them. Take a tour of Los Establos and help to wash and groom one of our friendly horses.
  • Slackline for Kids:Test your balance and your inner concentration with this fun-filled session on the slackline. Learn basic techniques to center yourself, your breath and find your balance.
  • Insects Lab: Step into the micro world of insects, leaves, fungus and more in this hands-on discovery lab. Search for interesting bugs and plants, discovering the uniqueness of Costa Rica and learning about the local flora and fauna.
  • Frog Pond Hike: Join an exploration on one of our forest trails, leading to the hacienda’s very own frog pond. Your guide will bring along a magnifying glass to explore interesting things you discover along the way. With luck, you may be able to spot the tiny glass frogs and other creatures that now call this pond home.

Taste of Costa Rica | Culinary

  • Little Mixologists: Showcase your skills of shaking and stirring in this fun-filled workshop centered around smoothies utilizing the local and fresh fruits of Costa Rica. Your own concoction is yours to enjoy by the workshop’s finale.
  • The Art of Tortilla & Empanadas: Learn the ancient culinary techniques passed down through generations of Costa Rican families. Get hands on with and trial your culinary skills. Your reward will be a delectable snack to enjoy at the end of your efforts.

  • Creative Cookies: Bring out your inner artist with this fun workshop decorating our homemade cookies and cupcakes with various icings and local toppings. This workshop ends on a high note as you enjoy your own creation.
  • The Art of Chocolate: Discover the history and production of cacao, a coveted product of Costa Rica – and learn the process of how chocolate is made. Get your taste buds ready for a bit of experimenting with this favorite treat.
  • The Art of Maíz: Learn about the variations of corn and its different preparations. Taste test this food staple in its various forms.
  • Flavours of Apretados: Explore an age old favorite of Costa Rican children with a modern flavor twist. Create your own apretado – a flavored ice – with your own blend of natural ingredients. This interactive workshop encourages exploration and joy with homemade treats to enjoy by its conclusion.

Little Pura Vida | Wellness

  • Forest Yoga: Move your body and connect to your breath, taking in the power of Mother Nature. This beginner’s yoga class introduces junior guests to simple asanas, leaning into poses inspired by the nature which surrounds AltaGracia.
  • Mindfulness in Nature: Stop and smell the flowers, literally! With the gift of natural beauty all around, junior guests will be guided in a lesson of how to be mindful and tap into our senses when in nature. Learn to connect both with yourself and your surroundings, creating a rich awareness of inner and outer self.
  • Alchemy Bar: Get your hands dirty with various natural and local products, which can be used to make your own body scrub. Choose your unique combination and learn about the benefits for this interactive wellness workshop.

  • The Power of Crystals: Hike through the forest to THE WELL Crystal Rancho, where you’ll discover a 700-lb crystal quartz, and learn the power of these master healers.

  • Nature Crafts: Use your imagination, explore artistic expression and connect with the surrounding nature through various arts and craft experiences that are inspired by the nature world.

  • Stretch It Out: Get ready to move your body with a fun, invigorating and kid-friendly workout class.

Open Play at Jugando

Discover the handcrafted nets and moments of surprise at 'Jugando' [hoo-GAN-doh], our children's rope course and play area. This interactive area provides children with the freedom and confidence to explore their inner adventurer. Supervised play takes place in the mornings and afternoons to help our junior guests expend energy and enjoy creative and skill-building play in a safe and captivating environment.


Your children will be immersed in activities that inspire play, exploration, education and movement, while you can spend your days experiencing total well-being and unbridled adventure.

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