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Poolside with THE WELL


Sea to Summit Escapes

Relax and experience a forest-inspired poolside program available at Las Brisas, using hand-crafted and locally sourced ingredients that starts with a cleansing ritual for the feet that includes herbs from our garden, salts and exfoliating volcanic ashes and ends with a cooling aloe mask.

  • Yerba Buena | Good Herbs

    Take a moment to relax and melt the tension away with a therapeutic foot rub that uses finger walking, pressure point massage and good herbs — commonly used in Central America in cleansing rituals for their healing and mood-lifting properties. Sip on a white coffee made with a soothing blend of aqua de azahar (orange blossom) post-treatment to further promote calm.

  • Las Raices | The Roots

    Get grounded with this root-to-rise foot rub that starts with a deep sole and toe stretch. Open the energy channels and bring circulation to your important roots, using frozen lemons, lavender and almond oil. Enjoy an earthy smoothie to end the treatment as you fully reset.

  • Las Nubes | In the Clouds

    Cool down and recharge with the energy of our Crystal Rancho — this tonifying rub uses smooth clear crystal quartz to soothe and depuff the face and scalp. Your perfect remedy to clear a busy mind and connect with your inner self. Slowly come back into awareness with our soothing warm tea.

  • Each treatment 30 minutes | $130

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