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Vintage Chronicles: A Curated Wine Series at SkyFire


The Experience

Join us for a year’s worth of wine events at SkyFire, curated by our expert sommelier Missy Auge. From exclusive tastings to expert pairing suggestions, our events offer unique opportunities to expand your palate and deepen your knowledge. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a curious enthusiast, our experiences cater to all levels of wine appreciation.

  • No RSVP required
  • 5-7PM at SkyFire
  • For questions, please contact

Wednesday, August 7 | Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Raised in San Luis Obispo, Kermit Lynch rebelled against his father's church's communion wine, later embracing fermented grape juice. In 1972, he founded Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant with $5,000, focusing on Old World wines. Lynch's advocacy for authentic...

Previous Events

Maison Louis Latour

Tuesday, July 9
  • Maison Louis Latour, founded in 1797 and based in Burgundy, France, is a renowned merchant and owner of red and white wines. Family-owned since its inception, it boasts the largest Grand Cru holding in the Côte d'Or, spanning 28.63 hectares (70.7 acres). With a history dating back to the 17th century, the Latour family has steadily expanded their unique Domaine to 50 hectares (120 acres). Notable holdings include Château Corton Grancey and Corton Grancey winery in Aloxe-Corton, the latter being the first purpose-built winery in France, constructed in 1834. Louis Latour's longstanding commitment to quality and tradition led to its admission to the exclusive Hénokiens club in 1997, reserved for family-owned companies with over 200 years of history bearing the founder's name.

Domaine Jean-Louis Chave Wines

Thursday, June 20
  • The Chave family, based in Hermitage, northern Rhône, France, is celebrated for their exceptional red and white wines. Led by Gérard and Jean-Louis, they draw on centuries of expertise to craft wines that embody Hermitage's essence of power, nuance, and longevity. Their skillful blending of grapes from different lieux-dits produces harmonious wines with remarkable aging potential. Notably, Bessards Syrah anchors the reds, while century-old Marsanne vines from Péléat monopole define the whites. In special vintages, they create the rare Cuvée Cathelin to highlight classic elements. Their St. Joseph rouge reflects traditional winemaking, showcasing meticulous farming and minimal intervention to express the true essence of northern Rhône terroir.

Trinchero Family Estates Wines

Wednesday, May 22
  • Trinchero Family Estates originated from unwavering perseverance and a stroke of good luck. More than 70 years ago, Mario Trinchero, an Italian immigrant, left New York City to seek a better life for his family in Napa Valley. The remarkable success that followed was unforeseeable. From introducing the first-ever White Zinfandel to acquiring prestigious vineyards in Napa and now boasting a collection of over 50 esteemed wine and spirits brands worldwide, today's Trinchero Family Estates embodies the enduring spirit of the American Dream.

Duckhorn Vineyards

Thursday, April 25
  • Established by Dan and Margaret Duckhorn in 1976, Duckhorn Vineyards has dedicated almost five decades to becoming one of North America's leading producers of Napa Valley wines. Since its humble beginnings with an inaugural vintage of 800 cases each of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in 1978, the vineyard has expanded its offerings to include Sauvignon Blanc in 1982. Duckhorn Vineyards remains committed to a tradition of unparalleled quality and excellence that endures to this day.

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