Downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico at dusk
Downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico at dusk

Discover New Mexico on a cultural tour

  • Explore fascinating Santa Fe and beyond
  • See why this vibrant city was named the winner of the 2017 National Geographic World Legacy Award for "Sense of Place."
  • Choose art, architecture, history and culinary tours

The Experience

Downtown Santa Fe has long been an artistic mecca, known for its shops, studios and cafes, offering everything from music to painting to custom jewelry to spectacular dining. The place where these cultural treasures converge, the historic Plaza, is just minutes from Bishop’s Lodge. Take a longer excursion to visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites and Pueblos that offer a glimpse into native cultures that have inhabited this area for over 1,000 years.

Santa Fe Plaza

The Spanish-Pueblo Revival Movement | Privately Guided

Take a walking tour of neighborhoods around Santa Fe's Plaza to see how Santa Fe's unique style of architecture evolved over the past four centuries.
  • Half-day
  • Activity Level: Easygoing
Dried chiles hanging in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tracking the Chili Line

Discover physical traces of the Chili Line narrow gauge railroad that wended its way through the scenic desert landscapes between Santa Fe and Colorado from 1880 to 1941. Nicknamed for the New Mexico chili peppers it carried to markets in the north, the Chili Line was intended to connect Denver to Mexico City, although it only made it as far as Santa Fe, making it the nation's first north-south railroad line. Enjoy local lore that goes with this spunky and beloved railroad, such as the trackside Pueblo-owned Tea House at Otowi Bridge where the world-famous physicists from Los Alamos broke bread with Pueblo residents.
  • Half-day
Weaving in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Magical Heirlooms of Chimayo | Group Experience

If you want to experience the Southwest of the 1800s when chile and pinto beans were vibrantly hand-grown, powdered, and deliciously cooked, or when weavers and tin makers began to develop their unique styles and crafts, then join us in Chimayo for this full-day excursion.
  • Available 10 am to 3:30 pm every Saturday
  • Activity Level: Easygoing
  • This excursion involves 1.5 hours of driving each way.

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