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Anima Mundi x Bishop’s Lodge


The Energetics of Spring

This Spring Anima Mundi, renowned for their premium herbal medicines sourced exclusively from certified organic, wildcrafted, or small sustainable farms, seamlessly integrates their blends into artistic experiences across Bishop’s Lodge. With a special focus on Stream Dance Spa, healing offerings are enhanced by intentionally combining Anima Mundi elixirs with treatments. Explore the elixir bar and experience the below pairings.

Spring brings growth and expansion, with nature blooming and birds singing in the newfound warmth. It is a time to immerse in the magic of the blossoming world, rediscover inner harmony, and embrace our connection to the earth. As we stretch, move, and...


A selection of Anima Mundi elixirs will be on offer, with pairing recommendations to elevate your healing arts experience.

Qi Gong

  • The Chinese character for “qi” is a combination of the characters for “rice” and “air.” Qi is life force, vital essence. A free-flowing abundance of qi within the human systems fosters health, vitality, longevity, serenity, and various other physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits. In this class, you will learn techniques to cultivate and enhance the flow of qi through relaxation, breathing exercises, visualization, and simple movements. Regular practice of these techniques can yield profound benefits across multiple levels. The session will begin with breathing exercises, progress to specific qigong movements, and conclude with a guided meditation for progressive relaxation. These practices unlock the potential for deeper healing, transformation, and personal evolution. If you've been feeling the intensity of the current times, this class will empower you to navigate life with grace, joy, and strength, facilitating your journey into a new world.
  • Anima Mundi pairing: Euphoria elixir. An exquisite elixir known to awaken loving awareness within the body, it can help stimulate the body while deeply nourishing the reproductive organs.

Integrative Breathwork

  • Integrative breathwork begins with understanding your individual needs as a guest. Our breathwork practitioner will tailor a session specifically for you, incorporating breath patterns that align with your comfort level and can easily be integrated into your daily life and routines. This personalized approach supports you in finding balance and ease wherever you may be. Breathwork serves as a powerful and efficient method to energize, calm, and relax, bringing your mind and body back into harmony. While some techniques focus on simpler breath patterns, others delve into more complex ones, allowing for deeper healing, growth, and release. This session offers an incredible opportunity to transform areas of your life where you may feel stuck, disempowered, or confused.
  • Anima Mundi pairing: Schisandra Rose. Schisandra Berry is one of the queens within tonic herbalism, as she embodies the unique trait of containing the five flavors. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, flavors are seen as energetic signatures within a plant, demonstrating its distinct healing traits.

Journey into Shamanism

  • Each of us holds the capacity to communicate with our spirit guides. "Journey Into Shamanism" is an experiential workshop that guides you in meeting these guides to receive guidance and healing. You'll learn how to communicate with them, nurture your relationships, and foster growth. This workshop marks the beginning of what we hope will be a long and enriching journey into Shamanism, inspiring your day-to-day life. Be prepared for unexpected experiences. This service can also be offered in a group setting.
  • Anima Mundi pairing: Soma Elixir. In ancient India, Soma was a legendary drink of the Gods. This drink was known for its power to grant immortality and higher wisdom. To drink the Soma in sacred communion meant to receive the power of ecstasy, divine vision and healing of all illness.

Bio-Radiance Facial Acupuncture

  • Experience the epitome of facial rejuvenation acupuncture, targeting tone, tightness, repair, collagen enhancement, and line smoothing. This 90-minute treatment combines full-body and facial acupuncture with micro-current, radio frequency machines, cupping, and gua sha. The face acts as a microsystem, akin to reflexology, promoting overall health and radiance. Utilizing spiritual points, this treatment uplifts the spirit, brightens the eyes, and tones the skin, boosting collagen and cellular repair. Suitable for all skin types and ages, it revitalizes inside-out and outside-in, ensuring holistic wellness and vibrant beauty.
  • Anima Mundi pairing: Collagen Booster. A super-charged plant based elixir composed of adaptogens and supportive herbs known to boost and protect collagen in the skin. These herbs have long been revered for their anti-aging chemistry, and now scientifically studied for their strengthening effects on the skin, hair, nails, bones and joints.

SkyFire Restaurant

Experience the Dream elixir in the SkyFire lounge, an herbal mocktail for health and longevity.
  • Enchanted Dream Elixir

    This relaxing, non-alcoholic night tonic incorporates Anima Mundi Dream Elixir, crafted with botanicals that have been used for generations to promote stronger dream recall. Many of these plants were often used to ignite a state of deep meditation, as well as profound visionary sleep.

Two Dogs Cafe

Our cafe will feature two warm beverages from Anima Mundi based on ancient remedies to support holistic wellbeing:
  • Heirloom Cacao

    Cacao is a nutrient dense superfood, traditionally used to protect the heart and brain.* Our Cacao comes from a single origin farm in Ecuador that has been consciously cultivating ancestral seeds since 1892. Cacao is considered a sacred offering amongst many indigenous tribes. The Cacao tree is said to house the spirits of the gods.

  • Mushroom Mocha Mix

    An excellent addition to coffee, matcha, chai, smoothies, juices and beyond. This powerful blend assists in supporting immunity, balancing the body and reducing stress.

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