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Explore miles of scenic hiking trails


The Experience

Bordering on 1.5 million acres of Santa Fe National Forest, Bishop's Lodge has access to extensive trail systems for hikers of all ages.

  • Enjoy privately guided or group exploration
  • Borrow some binoculars and birding books to spy New Mexico's feathered friends
  • Order a packed picnic lunch to enjoy on the trail
  • Grab complimentary hiking poles and trail maps

Easygoing Hiking Experiences

Hike with Outdoor Yoga & Guided Meditation | Privately Guided

Explore the 317 acres of nature trails surrounding Bishop's Lodge Resort that connect to the Santa Fe National Forest in this relaxing and rejuvenating guided hike. Find a sunny spot in a grassy meadow or by the creek shaded by a tree and move into a revitalizing and gentle yoga flow connecting with yourself and nature.
  • 3 hours
  • Easygoing

Nambe Badlands Geology | Privately Guided

A scenic 30 minute drive from Bishop's Lodge, guests are invited to explore the desert and learn about the geology and ancient rocks that paint our Southwestern landscapes. Hike through scenic badlands with dramatic rock formations, narrow twisting canyons, and geologic points of interest.
  • 3-4 hours
  • Easy to moderate

Bandelier National Monument | Group Experience

Beneath the eastern flanks of the Jemez Mountains lies the Pajarito (Spanish for “little bird”) Plateau where dynamic geological forces weave the story of migration and settlement of ancestral Pueblo Peoples. Join us as we explore and hike within Bandelier National Monument. Explore the low stone walls, petroglyphs and follow ancient pathways. Walk the timeless 1.5 mile path where echoes of the past intersect with the present and see spectacular views of the Jemez, Sangre de Cristo, and Sandia Mountains all around you.
  • 4-6 Hours; 2.5 hours driving round trip
  • Easygoing to moderate

Hike with Outdoor Art Class | Privately Guided

Embark on a hike around the diverse landscape of the Bishop's Lodge property with your local artist guide Lisa Flynn. Take in views of the native vegetation, colorful landscape and New Mexico light that will provide inspiration for your own watercolor painting in an al fresco art class.
  • 5-6 hours

  • Activity level customized to guests’ level

Moderate Hiking Experiences

Wild Walk & Foraging | Privately Guided

In partnership with Dryland Wilds we'll forage the land to learn how to identify various edible plants, harvesting techniques and uses of common and invasive edible plant species.
  • 3-4 hours
  • Inquire for pricing

Petroglyphs, La Bajada Ridge & Santa Fe River Canyon | Privately Guided

Follow the track of the original Camino Real trail and Route 66 across a volcanic ridge where wild horses roam, the Santa Fe River carves a dramatic canyon, and lava rocks provide a canvas for ancient rock art. Immerse yourself in the history, geology, & archaeology of New Mexico.
  • 3-4 hours
  • Rocky terrain

Diablo's Canyon | Privately Guided

Walk between the towering walls of Diablo Canyon, then hike to the top for an unusual view of the volcanic geology that formed this natural wonder. A perfect hike for families, younger guests can create their own rock drawings en route.
  • 3-4 Hours
  • Ask about our 4x4 tours exploring Diablo Canyon: Price per 2 people $290 | Price per additional person $140

Challenging Hiking Experiences

Discover Santa Fe National Forest | Privately Guided

Santa Fe National Forest is home to 1.5 million acres of world class hiking trails. Climb to alpine peaks, meditate next to hidden lakes and invigorate your soul to the sound of waterfalls and mountain streams.

  • 2-14 Miles, depending on desired distance/time
  • Activity level is customized to guests' preference
  • Transportation not included
  • Ask about picnic lunch options

Viewpoint Hike | Privately Guided

Enjoy a privately guided hike with rolling terrain through desertscapes and conifer forest among Bishop’s Lodge 317 acres. Gain insight about the history, flora and fauna and geology of the southwest.

  • 2 Hours | 3 Miles
  • Moderate to Strenuous
  • Transportation not included
  • Ask about picnic lunch options

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