Woman doing a pastel art class at Bishop's Lodge
Woman doing a pastel art class at Bishop's Lodge

Express your creative spirit with al fresco art classes

  • Choose from several techniques and classes
  • Paint from the Bishop's Lodge stables
  • Learn techniques from local artists who are inspired by nature

The Experience

Allow your intuition to guide you as you express your creative spirit, learning techniques such as sensorial painting and Expressive Impressionism. Go further into the painting process by learn how to process dirt and sand into fine art quality "Earth pigments" and how to transform those pigments into watercolors during a full moon, eclipse or solstice painting class.

Woman doing watercolor of the chapel during an art class at Bishop's Lodge

Mystery Art Experience | Privately Guided

Meet local artist Lisa Flynn here at Bishop's Lodge Resort, where you will chat about your interests and possibilities for painting. Lisa will then choose an appropriate, inspiring and scenic spot in the heart of Santa Fe, where she will be your guide and creative mentor as you experience the sights and sounds while painting on location or "en Plein air" with watercolors.
  • 3-4 hours

Two cowboys ride horses with their dog at Bishop's Lodge, Santa Fe

Painting at the Stables

Allow your intuition to guide you as you express your creative spirit, learning techniques of Expressive Impressionism in order to create artful paintings of our horses. Barb will share her vast knowledge of color, learning tips on how to evoke emotion on the paper through the use of evocative color. The workshop begins by riding the horses to a postcard-perfect spot on Bishop's Lodge property. Thereafter guests are encouraged to apply their practice to paint. The horses, kindly held by the rancher, will be our muse as we intuitively express onto paper what we see. you'll complete the workshop with 1-2 5x7 paintings and a short horseback ride back to the property (depending upon how quickly you finish).
  • 5+ hours
Woman doing a pastel art class at Bishop's Lodge

Introduction to Pastels with Katie Rodgers

Dive into the colors and inspiration of the Southwest with chalk pastels. Learn the basics of colors, pastel technique, and finding inspiration in the landscape of Bishop's Lodge.
  • 3 hours or 5 hours with lunch
  • 5 guest minimum
Incense making class at Bishop's Lodge

Sacred Scents of Nature | Group Experience

Delve into the mystical landscape of pure plant scents. Guests will be enchanted with tales of the history, magic and mystery of our own ancient frangranced past. Learn the ancient skill of making your own herbal incense from medicinal, aromatic, and resinous herbs.
  • 2-3 hours
Woman foraging at Bishop's Lodge

Fragrant Path | Privately Guided

An hour-long "experience" at the perfumery with Roxana as your guide into the mystical landscape of true plant scents. Come prepared to be enchanted with tales of the history, magic, and mystery of our ancient fragranced past. Smell your way through Roxana's archive of absolutely exquisite and sublime plant essences to make your very own fragrance. Through a timeline that stretches across the world, we will inhale precious extracts of rose, jasmine, and sacred woods, just to mention a few-unlocking stored memories through the sensual and inspiring realm of scent.
  • 1 hour

Santa Fe National Forest

Wild Reclaimed Mosaics | Privately Guided

Artistic and authentic, Lauren Furman embellishes natural sculptures with salvaged glass, tile, and gemstones using tones that mirror the landscapes of water, grass, soil and sky. Create a mosaic art piece on mixed material that tells an artful story.
  • 4 hours over 2 days (due to drying time)
  • Saturdays and Sundays
Tea experience during a mindfulness session at Bishop's Lodge

From Earth to Water | Group Experience

Start the day by truly connecting to the earth and all her beauty with Botanical Plant Perfumer Roxana Villa as she takes you through a guided tour of the gardens and surrounding forests of the resort. Along the way, you will learn about sustainable foraging as you gather leaves, flowers, barks, and resins to bring back to the lodge to then distill the essence of the materials to produce a unique imprint into water. As you are introduced to the process of distilling with a Copper Alembic, Roxana will introduce the benefits and uses of the essential oils and hydrosols, introduce concepts of alchemy, and how they relate to our own personal transformation. During the distillation process, you may ask questiosns and engage in the process and/or return later to pick up your personal bottle fo the distilled essence (hydrosol).
  • 2-3 hours
Enchanted color art class materials at Bishop's Lodge

Enchanted Color | Privately Guided

Join artist Dawn Chandler in a joyful exploration of color via collage - the wonderful art of assembling pieces of cut papers into expressive "paintings." Utilizing a tantilizing array of beautifully colored papers hand-painted and prepared for you by Dawn, we will explore color, with particular emphasis on the rich palette of the New Mexico landscape. With creative hands-on exercises, your awareness and appreciate of colors and their interaction will be enriched. All materials will be provided, including packing materials for you transport your treasured collage creations home. No prior art-making experience in necessary.
  • Half-day
  • 8 guests maximum

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