SkyFire restaurant at Bishop's Lodge
SkyFire Restaurant has indoor and outdoor dining options
SkyFire restaurant at Bishop's Lodge

Dine at Bishop's Lodge

Elevated culinary arts

Cuisine That Celebrates Storied, Southwestern Ingredients
Inhale the earthy scent of peppers charring on the wood-fired grill, appreciate the bountiful, vibrant red chilies presented to each table by our Chile Host, and delight in the bright tang of a craft mescal cocktail at The Bar. Textured and multi-layered, the cuisine at Bishop's Lodge will be sure to send you home with memories to cherish for years to come. The dining experience at Bishop's Lodge invites you to slow down and engage all of your senses.
the main dining room at SkyFire Restaurant at Bishop's Lodge in Santa Fe
Dine by the crackling fire at SkyFire
A chef grills meat over an open flame at SkyFire
The Exhibit cooking space at SkyFire, Bishop's Lodge's main restaurant
Artistically inspired spaces complement pioneering Southwestern fare
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A Narrative of Nourishment


Concepted by "The Godfather of Southwestern Cuisine," Chef Dean Fearing's SkyFire draws inspiration from the diverse, rich ingredients and textures found in Mexico, and infuses them with unexpected modern techniques. The transformative element of fire is present throughout the bar, main dining room and terrace where piñon or cedar wood logs are burned to evoke a scent which roots you to our grounding atmosphere, and the wood-fired grill imparts complexity to bright, vibrant dishes.
  • Dine in a fireside space with resplendent views of our lush mountainscape

  • Partake in a multi-sensory experience with layered flavors

  • Ingredients from artisanal purveyors

The Bar
The atelier of SkyFire, this cozy fire-lit space and adjacent patio features innovative craft cocktails and elevated Southwestern bar fare.

Storied Southwestern Cuisine

Garlic at SkyFire, Bishop's Lodge

Each ingredient is a window into the region's history

Corn dish at SkyFire, Bishop's Lodge

Each recipe that is passed down through generations helps to form a family's identity

Outdoor dining at SkyFire, Bishop's Lodge

Each meal is an opportunity to connect with loved ones and share stories about the day

SkyFire Thanksgiving Dinner Testimonial
"Thank you, thank you! It was SO delicious – each and every dish was amazing! We loved the care and attention to packaging, especially the lovely grace notes – little bundle of herbs and red chili pepper on the outside, and the tiny oranges and rosemary bundle inside the box! The prep instructions were so useful – and the special Thanksgiving message at the bottom of the sheet was just perfect for the year we’ve all had. We’re thrilled you’re here and can’t wait to see what you all dream up for Christmas, New Year’s, and into 2021!" ~ Robbyne Jones and Dan Klein

Two Dogs Cafe at Bishop's Lodge
Two Dogs Cafe serves casual fare, like cheese and green salad sandwich
Two Dogs Cafe seating at Bishop's Lodge

Two Dogs Café

This bright, cozy cafe offers lush mountain views, a calming atmosphere and features inspiring local artwork. Savor warm pastries, hearty sandwiches, craft coffees, fresh salads and cold-pressed juices to nourish you for an exhilarating day of adventure and discovery.

Elevated Picnics

Dining extends far beyond our 317 acres. Consider the surrounding valley and the abutting 1.5 million acres of Santa Fe National Forest as your venue when you order a chef-packed destination picnic.
BIshop's Lodge private dining room
Reserve an artistically inspired private space for a special event or family gathering
Private dining room at Bishop's Lodge in Santa Fe

The Art of Celebration: Private Dining

Located in the main Lodge, this 597 square foot private space is ideal for private dinners, special celebrations, small cocktail receptions and board meetings.

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Meet Concept Chef Dean Fearing

Concepted by "The Godfather of Southwestern Cuisine," Chef Dean Fearing's SkyFire celebrates heirloom ingredients found in traditional Mexican cuisine and elevates them with modern techniques. Inspired by treasured recipes handed down to him from his grandmothers, his approach to cooking is led by reverence for the best fresh ingredients available and the stories they tell about the region in which they are grown and the people who grow them.
Kimmy Rohrs of Whiskey and Clay

Bishop's Lodge + Whiskey and Clay

Bishop's Lodge is proud to work with many talented local artisans to root the guest experience in a sense of place that is quintessentially Santa Fe. When SkyFire opens this fall, Executive Chef Peter O'Brien's cuisine will be served on ceramic dishware locally crafted by Whiskey and Clay's founder Kimmy Rohrs. "My handmade ceramics are heavily influenced by the dramatic landscapes of the great American Southwest. I’m enthralled with the earth’s milky whites blending in with dark rust tones, the warm dry air, and the shocking bright sunshine. I have honed in on a blend of stoneware and porcelain. It’s not a traditional mix, but I feel the blend gives each vessel a timeless desert feel." Rohrs added, "it’s a huge honor to already be a part of such a treasured Santa Fe landmark. Local friends have shared stories of horseback riding and cherished family holidays at the Lodge, and I hope to create my own memories, too, when it reopens."

Our Stories

Dish served at SkyFire, Bishop's Lodge

Eat An Insider’s Look at SkyFire and the Evolution of Southwest Cuisine

After getting married twenty-eight years ago at the Perry Estate (now Auberge’s Commodore Perry Estate) in Austin, my wife Cara and I honeymooned in Santa Fe over a snowy weekend in January. There was a sense of calm in and around town, and the mountain air was thick with the sweet smell of piñon smoke. Santa Fe is truly a special place for us, so much so that we moved here more than ten years ago to make Santa Fe our home. It’s such an honor to be SkyFire's Executive Chef, and an integral part of Bishop’s Lodge.

Peter O'Brien
Executive Chef
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Kimmy Rohrs of Whiskey and Clay, Santa Fe

Eat A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at SkyFire's Locally Made Ceramics

I’ve created custom ceramics under the Whiskey and Clay line for restaurants in Marfa, Texas to Beverly Hills. But SkyFire at Bishop’s Lodge is the first restaurant in Santa Fe for which I’ve crafted unique pieces. Drawn to Santa Fe by its vibrant arts scene, proximity to nature, and slower pace of life, I moved here a few years ago—so it’s a huge honor to already be a part of such a treasured Santa Fe landmark. (Local friends have shared stories of horseback riding and cherished family holidays at the Lodge, and I hope to create my own memories, too, when it reopens.)

Kimmy Rohrs
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exhibit cooking at Bishop's Lodge, Santa Fe

Eat Dean Fearing on Santa Fe, Southwestern Cuisine and SkyFire

Santa Fe has always had a certain kind of magical hold over me. I have so many memories, with the most amazing being the opening party for Mark Miller’s Coyote Café in the ‘80s—a seminal moment for Southwestern cuisine. A group of us—myself, Mark, Robert del Grande who had Café Annie in Houston at the time, and Stephan Pyles who had just opened up Routh Street Café in Dallas—had started this movement of cooking with indigenous Southwestern ingredients. This was its big moment, when Southwestern cuisine finally got its deserved space in the spotlight.

Dean Fearing
Concept Chef
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Bishop's Lodge Executive Chef Peter O'Brien

Eat Celebrate Southwestern Thanksgiving Traditions

The holiday season in Santa Fe can be summed up in one word: Magical. Over at Bishop’s Lodge, we’re starting our festive season a day earlier with our Socially- Distanced Thanksgiving Dinner—a take-home meal with a whole or sliced turkey and a host of sides. A lot of our pre-orders have come from our neighbors, and we’re very excited to give them a first taste from the SkyFire kitchen, as well as a first look at the renovated reception area at Bishop’s Lodge when they come to pick up their dinner.

Peter O'Brien
Executive Chef
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