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Embark on a fly fishing excursion


The Experience

From large rivers to high mountain spring creeks and lakes, various types of waters make northern New Mexico an excellent year-round destination for fly fishing. The rhythm of the casting, the sound of the water and the breathtaking landscape create a moment of serenity that juxtaposes the adrenaline of the first bite.

  • Choose from half-day and full day wade trips.
  • Guests may join their friends on fishing excursions for $70 per guest even if they themselves don't wish to fish. Enjoy the scenery or head out on a self-guided hike.
  • Request a packed lunch from our Adventure Team to enjoy rustic sandwiches at the fishing location.
  • Any fishing gear will be provided.

Private Waters & The Valles Caldera

For those who want an exclusive fishing experience, we offer guided trips on the best private ranches and preserves in our area. These trips often become one of a fly fishers most memorable experiences. Along with beauty and seclusion, private water can offer anglers the best chances at catching and landing trophy-sized trout.
  • For those that are new to the art of fly fishing or anglers that want to hone specific skills, this two day class is a terrific option. Day one will be spent on the Bishop’s Lodge stream at the Fly Fishing Outpost to cover all facets of fly fishing – casting, fly selection, knots, basic entomology, and fishing methods and techniques. On day two, guests and guide will depart from the lodge for a full day of fly fishing at one of the area’s best fishing locations.

  • Fly fishing isn’t necessarily just about catching fish. The experience of being outdoors, slowing down and observing nature and your surroundings is in many ways what the art of fly fishing is all about. We offer specific trips geared as much towards finding inner peace and harmony with the natural world as the fishing. Learning how to be one with nature and the water actually will end up making even a proficient angler more skilled.

Fly Fishing Outpost

Begin with a visit to our onsite stream and the Fly Fishing Outpost store, run by our friends at Land of Enchantment Guides (ORVIS Endorsed Outfitters).

Stop by the Outpost the day before your trip to purchase fishing licenses and to get “geared-up”. The shop sells an assortment of retail including, reels, rods, clothing, sunglasses, fishing gear and more.

Open daily from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM


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