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Coyote Camp Kids Club


The Experience

Coyote Camp at Bishop's Lodge offers an array of activities during the summer months to keep your young adventurers curious, engaged, and enchanted. Our Camp provides fun, educational, artistic, and adventure-based outdoor programs. Each week, Thursday-Sunday, we offer age-appropriate skill-building activities that explore our natural surroundings, history, and culture of Santa Fe and this land. Our days follow a flow learning model, beginning with a game to awaken children’s enthusiasm, followed by skill-building activities to teach wilderness know-how and engage children more deeply in nature. Each day’s themes are complemented by story, nature journaling and an art project to tap into your child’s imagination and creativity. Coyote Camp commences on June 3rd

  • All activities are outdoors with a few exceptions for inclement weather and occasional transportation on the property.
  • Kids Club lunch may be beside a river or under the shade of trees
  • Offered to children ages 5-12 | Limited to 6 children per day | Please inquire for pricing at 888.741.0480
  • Coyote Camp open Thursday-Sunday from 9am-3pm
  • Staying Found | The four directions, identifying landmarks, what to do if you
    get lost

  • Becoming Stealth | Learn to Fox Walk

  • Hike to nearby wild space to play “camouflage”

  • Nature Connection: Eagle Eye | A game of sneaking and stealth

  • Bagged Lunch on trail or outside at the Lodge

  • Story | The Story of Jumping Mouse

  • Nature Journals | The four directions, landmarks & map making

  • Art Project | Dye your own bandana with a natural dye bath

  • Horsing Around | Feed the horses, brush their mane, and walk with them

  • Learn about the amazing animals native to New Mexico

  • Fishing | Learn the art of fishing and tying flies at our on-property stream

  • Nature Connection | Animal tracking, animals gaits and animal adaptations

  • Story: Animal Tales | How the Bunny Got its Tail and other stories

  • Nature Journals | Animal track stencils, drawing animals

  • Art Project | Customize the band with natural materials on your own cowboy hat

  • Art Project | Paint a horseshoe (horseshoes and hats provided by Bishop’s Lodge)

  • The art of building a survival shelter

  • Learn the importance of water and how to purify it

  • Learn the art of fire making and challenge yourself to a one-match fire

  • Nature Connection: Sit Spots | Find your own place in nature and be present to the wild

  • Story | The Story of Trout

  • Nature Journal | Create a sound map in your “sit spot” and add watercolor painting

  • Art Project | Tie your own fishing lure (9-12 year-olds), make a fishing lure keychain

  • Make paint with natural materials

  • Learn the art of camouflage and play sneaking and hiding games

  • Learn to read Pictograph Stories

  • Nature Connection: Games | Camouflage, Eagle Eye

  • Story | Dine Creation Story, Pictograph stories

  • Nature Journal | Write your own story with pictographs

  • Art Project | Make a clay pinch pot or creative creature from your imagination

  • Art Project | Paint pictographs on rocks with paint you make

  • Art Project | Beading or macrame bracelets

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