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Spring at Etéreo: Weekly Experience Calendar



Discover our newest experiences together as you explore all that our oceanfront paradise has to offer during your stay at Etéreo. Explore our wide array of activities, led by our acclaimed culinary team and mixologists, resort instructors, and expert local guides. From shaman-led meditations to local adventures exploring the Mayan roots of the Yucatan Peninsula, make lasting memories at Etéreo.

  • Book activities with your guia 24 hours in advance.
  • All prices in USD excluding taxes & service charge.
  • Private fitness classes available upon request at $150 pp. Inquire with your guia or at SANA.



  • Calming Sound Therapy: Discover the restorative power of the vibrations from sacred instruments that harmonize your body and soul energies. Estudio | $45 pp | Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 4 PM

  • Spiritual Jewelry Workshop: Our Shaman will guide you in picking natural stones that are best aligned with your energies to create a unique and personalized bracelet that has been blessed and cleansed, and will remind you of Etéreo. Suitable for kids, families, and couples. Estudio | $45 pp | Tuesday and Friday at 5:15 PM

  • Restorative Sound Healing: A therapeutical sound session using the power of the unique healing properties of the quartz singing bowls, to reprogram and harmonize the body at cellular level and provide emotional subconscious ease. Estudio | $45 pp | Tuesday and Thursday at 4 PM

  • Family Meditation: Reset and strengthen the bonds with your family members in a deep, heart-opening introspective session. Estudio | Complimentary | Wednesday and Friday at 12 PM

  • Copal Sunset Ceremony: Led by our in-house shamans, be cleansed by the sacred prehispanic incense of copal. Thank the elements and set an intention to be blessed. Dock | Complimentary | Daily at 6 PM

  • Gong Sound Bath: Relax as this ancestral instrument induces a theta wave state, which helps the brain reach deep relaxation and reduce stress. Estudio | $45 pp | Friday and Sunday at 4 PM

  • Mayan Calendar Reading: Our local astrologist will guide you through the secrets of the Mayan Calendar and teach you about the different Mayan star signs. Learn more 

  • Relaxation Meditation with Theta Healing: Improve your mind, body, and spirit by reaching a deep meditative state that changes the brain wave patterns to the theta pattern, exploring how emotional energy affects your health.

  • SANA Tarot Workshop: Unleash your curiosity with the ancient wisdom of the tarot as you journey through a personalized reading which delves into life’s greatest teachings, as well as profound spiritual lessons. Learn More

  • Mayan Cacao Ceremony: Gather for a celebratory ancient ritual, emblematic of Etéreo, that opens the heart through the use of the cacao beverage. Wednesday and Saturday at 5:15 PM | Learn More

  • The Cleanse: Step inside our modern-day cenote where we invite you to create your own “do it yourself” ritual as you journey through heat, water, sound, ice, and rain. Available for Families Thursday and Sunday at 8:15 AM and for Couples Friday and Saturday at 8:15 AM | $55 per person. Learn More


  • Flow Yoga: An efficient practice of Sun Salutations, core work, and standing poses to build heat, open up the body and get the energy moving. Intermediate-advanced level. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 9:30 AM. $35 per person

  • Restorative Stretching: A series of relaxing stretching exercises to recover energy. Monday and Saturday at 11 AM | Complimentary

  • Full Body HIIT Workout: A special type of training incorporating the physical exercises of ancient Mayan daily life into an energetic workout. Tuesday and Saturday at 1 PM | Complimentary

  • Energizing Cardio: Partake in a lively HIIT class and get energized for the day. Monday, Friday, and Sunday at 11 AM | Complimentary

  • TRX Suspension Training: A form of suspension training that uses bodyweight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday at 11 AM | Complimentary

  • Chromatic Hydrating Station: Replenish your body and soul by embracing the vitality of garden-fresh produce at our thoughtfully curated juice bar, designed to awaken and invigorate your entire being. Daily at SANA at 10:30 AM | Complimentary

  • Private Fitness & Yoga Classes: Meet with our experienced instructors for in-depth training and guidance. Available upon request

Culinary Experiences & Tastings

WATER SPORTS AT ETÉREO Adventures in the Caribbean Sea

Learn More


Explore captivating global dining options that rotate nightly when you join us for Feast of Flavors. Indulge in a fresh, savory Mediterranean feast or get a taste of our chefs' Mexican heritage at Cena de la Abuela.

Gather for a series of experiences focused on cultivating your own artistic energy while taking in the beauty of your surroundings. Our resident local artist, Hugo Reza, will lead each experience and bring your creative sensibilities to life.

Join us on a curated selection of ecotours and a wide variety of itineraries that bring the rich cultural and biological heritage of the Riviera Maya alive, connecting you with the magical Mayan world.

Discover and immerse yourself into the great civilizations that walked the Yucatan Peninsula through the exploration of ancient remains with world-renowned Archaeologist Dante García and his team of experts.

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