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Public space La Chula
Public space La Chula

Shop La Chula at Etéreo


Shop La Chula at Etereo

Meet La Chula, Etéreo's conscious-living boutique designed to renew the senses and honor Mexico’s finest artisans and creators. ‘Chula’ meaning ‘beautiful’ in Spanish, embodies the eye-catching selection of pieces inspired by the natural beauty of Mexico. Explore regions of the country through a thoughtfully curated assortment of local treasures, with a focus on Mexico-based makers and sustainable materials at the heart of it all.

Public space La Chula

At the core of La Chula’s curation is the belief that all products have a story: the mind that designs it, the hands that make it, the regional techniques and raw materials, and the traditions that hold it all together. Contemporary and traditional designs merge, establishing La Chula as an idyllic destination for unearthing unexpected rarities.
Public space La Chula

Shop through an abundance of homewares crafted by the heart and culture of those who created them. Discover textiles crafted with the age-old waist loom method, and molcajetes constructed from ancient volcanic rock. Sift through covetable men’s and women’s apparel and beachwear made from sustainable materials with caring attention to detail and craftsmanship. Take in the visual feast of one-of-a-kind jewelry, formulated from the earth’s mesmerizing natural elements, like luminous freshwater pearls and vibrant coral beading. Journey through cheerfully embroidered handbags, sandals and hats adorned with unique hand-painted motifs, as well as items for young travelers. La Chula’s pieces reflect the spirit of Mexico and each hold a story of their own, serving as enduring keepsakes.
Public space La Chula

La Chula has been specially curated by aunt and niece duo Jacqueline and Michelle of La Caty. What began as a small shop featuring local goods crafted with intention has flourished into a collection of boutiques, which feature artisans from all over Mexico. From Yucatan carved wood pieces to hand-embroidered textiles from Chiapas, La Caty’s mission has always been to share the beauty of creations produced from the inspiring lands of Mexico

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