Man in a Mexican Cenote
Man standing in a cenote in Mexico

One-of-a-Kind Experiences at Etéreo

Celebrating the vibrancy of Mexico

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Engaging with an incredible, storied culture that inspires exploration both on and off-property, Etéreo's one-of-a-kind experiences encourage in-depth discovery of Mexico through its culture, makers, history, sights and sounds. Through a series of classes, workshops, talks and adventures, participants will become immersed in this brilliant country.

Uncovering Mexico

An incredible, storied culture that beckons exploration both on property and off, this events series encourages in-depth discovery of Mexico through its culture, its makers, its history, its sights and its sounds. Through a series of classes, workshops, talks and adventures, participants will become immersed in this brilliant country.

All Roads Yucatan

Hike, bike, and drive the sights of the Riviera Maya, experiencing transformational adventures that unearth insider perspectives of the Yucatan peninsula.

Cenote in Mexico

Cenote Safari

Trek to a local cenote, with a chef’s picnic for lunch.

Man crafting in Mexico

Social Design

Discover curated local artisan retreats and residencies with a social mission to preserve the craft and makers of the Yucatan.

Dining rooted in the local terroir

Epicurean Curiosity

Take a deep dive into the culinary scene of Mexico through Etéreo’s epicurean experiences. Explore chocolate, mezcal and natural wine through interesting tastings or join chef and visiting friends for an opportunity to enjoy food by the world’s best Mexican chefs for an unforgettable dinner; explore sake and yakitori in the accompaniment of a master.
  • Izakaya Nights | Enjoy an Izakaya gastro menu on the beach.

  • Mezcal and Corn Pairing | Discover the nuanced flavors of these two essential items to Mexican cuisine.

  • Aged Sake Tasting | Covetable and rare, experience the incredulity of aged sake in this unique tasting.

  • Cuisine Cooking Class | Learn from the experts themselves, inheriting knowledge that will travel with you home.

  • Friends of Orli | Join Chef Orli and his visiting chef friends for an unprecedented meal.

  • Beach Dining | Drawn by the ocean and stars, this weekly dinner for 20 guests is served communally and is inspired by elemental cooking. Friends are made and solidified as a DJ begins and dancing and cocktails on the beach continue until the wee hours.

Woman doing a yoga pose as the sun sets in Mexico

Wellness Experiences

A place to slow down, Etéreo reminds us all to live well and renew our connection with ourselves. From rotating classes to daily rituals to a schedule of curated retreats, intuitive wellbeing programming combines ancient Mayan beliefs and techniques with the buzziest wellness trends from Mexico and the United States.
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