Outdoor beachside dining at Etereo
Outdoor beachside dining at Etereo

Dine at Etéreo

Celebrating discovery through cuisine

Embark on a Mayan journey via technique and flavor
Led by Chef Orli Del Angel, the culinary offerings are exciting and varied. Itzam celebrated the journey of the Mayans through Central America, Che Che invites guests to explore the cuisine of Japan as told through Latin American ingredients, and El Carrito and the Beach Grill offer an appealing mix of tropical favorites and morning necessities from dawn til dusk. Cocktails use agave spirits and fresh local fruits whilst the wine program highlights Latin American and Californian vintners.
Server serving artisan cocktails in Mexico
Flames in a Mexican kitchen
Ceviche at Itzam in Mexico


The intoxicating smell of freshly made tortillas and fire-roasted corn, being made throughout the day on the life-size wood-fired comal, welcomes diners into Itzam. Inspired by Mayan tradition but with a contemporary approach, Itzam’s menu is conscientiously focused on local products that are both sustainable and organic. Community and convivial experience are encouraged through sharing plates, enticing guests to experience an abundance of unexpected flavors.

Destination Dining Venues

Spotlighting personality, flavor, spontaneity and an adventurous spirit, Etéreo’s exploratory cuisine offers sensory renewal and is a highlight and draw in and of itself.
Breakfast at Etéreo

El Carrito

Beginning at sunrise with coffee, espresso and pastries, the cart transitions at mid-day with a more playful spirit offering street snacks, paletas – agave spirit-spiked, or not – and agua frescas. Come sundown, El Carrito metamorphosizes to focus on evening cocktails – the central destination for grabbing a margarita en route to the terrace, the ideal vantage point for taking in the epic sunsets in our backyard.

Woman on a beach lounger in Mexico


Lighter in its nature, The Pool menu offers craveable items for days spent in the sun. Featuring hearty salads, tacos, raw bowls and ceviches, plus items inspired by Che Che, this is food that’s easily enjoyed casually throughout the day. Cocktails use only fresh fruits, freshly pressed sugarcane juice, and a curated selection of tequilas and rum – tropical and appealing, the perfect selection of warm-weather drinks.

Clams at Che Che Restaurant

Che Che

Inspired by Nikkei cuisine – the pairing of Japanese techniques with Peruvian and Brazilian ingredients – Che Che translates to something ‘cool,’ encapsulating the unique vibe of this outdoor restaurant. Japanese flavors and techniques are explored through local ingredients, forming a shareable menu that is light and fun. Featuring Japanese tacos, raw oysters, tiraditos, and various small pates from maki to tartare, this is casual and flirtatious food that never tires and is best enjoyed communal-style, alfresco.

Drinks, tacos and dips served seaside

El Changarro

El Changarro is lively, local, in-the-sand dining. Open for lunch; the menu focuses on the daily local catch served in myriad ways – as ceviche, tacos or simply grilled and accompanied by market vegetables. Guacamole, daily tortas, Mexican session beers and fresh juices make for complementary additions.