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Meet SANA Wellness Instructor Jesús


The Experience

SANA’s wellness guru Jesús Aguilar is a treasure of Etéreo, bringing a blend of wellness and fitness and a unique backstory to our sanctuary. Born into a sports-obsessed family, Jesús was a semi-pro soccer player until a knee injury sidelined him. As part of his treatment, he was introduced to yoga and found that he was intrigued by the calmness that accompanies it. Once recovered, Jesús continued to practice yoga to improve his range of motion and relieve tension. He went on to become a fitness and pilates instructor after exploring a range of techniques, including kettlebells, corrective exercise, pre/post rehabilitation, and weight lifting, with the goal of helping clients avoid and treat injuries and improve overall strength.

  • Private sessions are available upon request. $128USD ++ for private session (50USD++ per additional guest)
  • Book 24h in advance
  • Inquire with your guia or contact for private sessions or to reserve a class

  • After receiving his yoga certification, Jesús experienced a turning point and chose to develop a versatile yoga practice to help athletes protect their bodies and heal themselves through movement. Through his teachings at SANA, Jesús is focused on creating programs that make each movement easy to learn and understand for participants of all ages and skill levels. His understanding of body mechanics, human anatomy, and common postural issues allow him to turn the specific ways of implementing yoga patterns (“asanas”) and other bodyweight-focused movements into tangible results.

  • Jesús integrates breathing, mobility, self-care, gratitude, and sounds into his multi-disciplinary training regimes. Certified in multiple modalities including Pilates Mat Work and TRX Suspension Training, his knowledge of these disciplines and focus on incorporating mindfulness into movement is deep.

  • Join Jesús at SANA during your stay at Etéreo and experience the magic of fitness merging with wellness in a wide variety of group classes as well as private sessions, including morning sunrise yoga that can be held at the beach pier or in the privacy of your own balcony.

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