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Visit Lost Cities of the Yucatan with Expert Archaeologist Dante García


The Experience

Discover and immerse yourself into the great civilizations that walked the Yucatan Peninsula through the exploration of ancient remains with world-renowned Archaeologist Dante García and his team of experts. Explore pyramids, cenotes, and lost cities, and discover the stories of the living descendants of these ancient ethnic groups. Along with your guides, journey to unbeaten paths and learn scientific facts behind these historical wonders. Experience an assortment of archaeological adventures with Dante and return from Etéreo with a newfound knowledge of Mayan history and profound memories of exploration in Riviera Maya.

  • Inquire with your guia or email for pricing or to book any of the below itineraries.
  • The experiences listed below take place off-property and upon booking, transportation will be arranged.


Sian Kaa’an | Architectural Archaeology

Journey to Sian Ka’an, a UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site that is considered by many to be a hidden gem. Take a short hike through the jungle, where you will find the cave-cenote-pyramid relationship come to life in one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the Mexican Caribbean. Learn all about the architecture of the Eastern Maya Coast and visit a unique ancient edifice while guided by our archaeological expert, Dante. You will go deep into the ecological reserves of Sian Ka’an and get to know this peninsular aquifer by swimming through the aquatic channels built by the ancient Mayans. Enjoy a lunch of traditional food of the region prepared by contemporary Mayan people and recap your day of wonder with Dante.

  • 9 AM - 5 PM (approx.)
  • Minimum of 2 people

Mayan Caverns | Subterranean Archeology

Journey to the heart of the Mayan underworld and venture between silence and darkness in one of the most sacred places to Mesoamericans, the realm of Chaac, the rain god. Visit a unique Mayan village with a deeply-rooted cultural identity. Discover one of the most significant caves in the region on a remarkable underground journey. Swim in a pristine cenote while admiring and learning about the magnificent geology of the underground cathedrals of the Yucatan Peninsula. Enjoy a traditional Mayan meal on-site at the end of your adventure.

  • 9 AM - 5 PM (approx.)
  • Minimum of 2 people

Dive into Ancient Mayan Cenotes | Underwater Archaeology

Embark on a deep exploration of the Mayan underworld as you scuba dive in ancient cenotes. Discover a network of an estimated 9,000 cenotes and interconnected tunnels. An underwater archaeologist and cave diving guide will work with you to provide specialized gear for recreational cavern diving, and you will partake in a spectacular freshwater cenote adventure completely unique to this region of Mexico. Learn about the history of the area's ancient inhabitants while you create amazing underwater memories.

  • 9 AM - 3 PM (approx.)

Mayan Village | Anthropology

Discover the living universe of the contemporary Mayans, descendants of the ancient civilization that once walked the Peninsula, with an in-depth physical anthropology tour of the Maya Sacred Water Wells. Travel via canoe through the waters of a beautiful lagoon and arrive at a hidden archaeological site of ancient buildings covered by jungle growth. A bioarchaeology specialist will join you as you venture through a Mayan cenote with the second large cache of human remains in the entire area, where you will snorkel and discover. Marvel at the natural beauty of the jungle where spider monkeys adorn the treetops. Then, delight the senses with a visit to an authentic Mayan village where lunch will be served by a local family as they share their stories and history. This experience offers the opportunity to connect with ancient Mayan culture and learn about enduring Mesoamerican anthropological traditions.

  • 9 AM - 5 PM (approx.)
  • Minimum of 2 people

About Dante García

A treasure of the Yucatan Peninsula in his field, Dante García connects guests of Etéreo to the most remarkable destinations in the area for in-depth journeys that specialize in a variety of areas, from subterranean archaeology to anthropology. A revered expert on cave diving, he has collaborated on National Geographic Society projects, expeditions, and publications on several occasions. During your stay at Etéreo, explore the area with Dante, and learn about what makes Riviera Maya a region of archaeological majesty.

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