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Mayan Calendar Reading


The Experience

Be guided through the secrets of the Mayan calendar by local astrologist Itzel Castillo, and discover why the Maya were considered superb astronomers. Learn all about the different types of astrological energy and how astronomers and high priests believed the cycles and rhythms of the Heavens are connected to those on Earth. Gain a deeper understanding of how Mayans measured time, their cosmovision, and observations of the movements of the stars. You will learn your color type in a personalized reading from Itzel and leave Etéreo with beautiful insight into how Mayans interacted with astrology. Private and group sessions are available upon request and include personalized birth chart readings.

  • Arrange with your Guia or Itinerary Designer by emailing or calling 855.725.5333.
  • Please book private sessions at least 24 hours in advance.
  • 50 minutes | Fridays at 5pm
  • SANA Estudio
  • Complimentary

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