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Primland Resort Lobby
Woman petting a horse outside the Primland Resort stables
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A private estate that defines the ultimate Blue Ridge Mountains experience

A luxurious back-to-nature escape

Unfolding across the highlands of Virginia in all their smoke-hued grandeur, the Blue Ridge Mountains are a natural paradise of forest-cloaked peaks and sun-dappled valleys. At the heart of this pristine wilderness, Primland Resort awaits on its own 12,000-acre mountain estate. From the regal Lodge with its skirt of emerald fairways to its romantic log cabins and treehouses perched above the Dan River Gorge, winding trails lead to myriad fresh discoveries. Wander the banks of streams alive with trout and chance upon a deer, silhouetted in a backlit glade. Experience the rush of mountain biking balanced with the rejuvenation of the Auberge Spa. Gaze at primeval views and star-filled skies from an on-property observatory, basking in the serenity of nature. At Primland Resort every moment is one to savor.

Stay at Primland Resort

One-of-a-Kind Experiences

From horseback riding through first growth forests to fly fishing in crystal streams, Primland Resort is an all-season outdoor wonderland begging to be explored. Climb its mountains, putt its greens and seek out its wild inhabitants, all the while reveling in nature at its finest.

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Primland Resort pool in the fall
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Renew with Auberge

Immerse. Nourish. Move. Create.

With each changing season brings a new quietude and gentle rhythm representing the ever-moving wheel of life. As the moon cycles continually shift and days get shorter – and then longer – nature and the land react to these changes with an energy response. Throughout this series, locally sourced lavender and honey are infused into herbal oils and bath salts in the relaxation room and weaved into nutrition demonstrations. Learn how to harness this positive energy through immersive movement, nutrition, and art in the form of 3-day workshops, nutritional workshops, restorative yoga, meditation, art workshops, and more.

A gastronomic journey for all the senses

Each restaurant reflects Primland Resort's farm-to-table ethos with highly experienced chefs curating dishes to comfort and inspire.

Golf course at Primland Resort
Golf course at Primland Resort

Discover World Class Golf

The Highland Course at Primland is listed as No. 8 in the U.S. and No. 28 in the world.

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