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4 night stay

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Movement on the Beach


Person meditating on a beach

Rise with the Sun | Almanecer

Embrace the time from sunrise through early morning on the beach as the golden sunlight begins to flood the shore. In this serene moment, discover reflection and reconnection amongst the inspiring natural surroundings before the world awakens. Rotating wellness classes, tea ceremonies with local medicinal plants, and morning sound meditations will help you find your center to begin the day with intention.

Person doing yoga on a beach

Morning Movement

Honor your body and soul in the morning with an inspirational assortment of daily movement classes in the sand. From seaside yoga and sunrise strength sessions to elemental dance, enhance your overall wellbeing with our specially curated movement classes to commence the day ahead.
  • Offered Daily | Complimentary

Sound Bathing

Enjoy one of our weekly sound healing offerings:
  • Sound Waves: Experience healing vibrations through the osmosis of water. Sound bowls send out healing vibrations and frequency through the ripples of our relaxation pool.

    Offered Weekly | $1,000 pesos + per person

  • Full/New Moon Sound Ceremony: Set your intentions for the cycle ahead, harnessing the energy of the moon, enjoy this inner journey with sound under the stars.

    Offered Weekly | Complimentary

  • Modern Ancestral: The merging of worlds, this sound bath experience features modern jazz instruments alongside ancestral beats with rattles and flutes.

    Offered Weekly | Complimentary

  • Rise + Receive: Immerse yourself in the healing combination of singing bowls along the crashing of the waves in this seaside sound meditation.

    Offered weekly | Complimentary

Palm Pilates

A core-focused pilates class under the palm trees on the lawn.
  • Offered weekly | Complimentary

Person exercising on a beach

High Sun | Medio Dia

The liveliness of the beach elevates as the sun rises higher into the sky. Late risers can make their way to the sand as the ambiance transitions into a social and spirited atmosphere. Take advantage of this energy by partaking in an energizing beach boot camp or strength training session, or try something new, such as a live percussion Latin dance class.
  • Offered daily | Complimentary

Couple dancing outside

Sunseros Sessions

Movers and shakers will join on the beach for a quintessential Mexican salsa lesson with live music. Tap into your playful spirit for this weekly dance party in a lively, collective atmosphere right on the sand.
  • Offered weekly | Complimentary

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