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4 night stay

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Children's felt crafts
Children's felt crafts

Los Morritos at Susurros


Child in a chef's hat eating dessert

Morritos Kids Club

At Morritos Kids Camp, children will be immersed in an enchanting world of age-appropriate activities to ignite their sense of wonder and foster a connection to the local culture. With a rotating array of unique, enriching weekly programming, our young guests will be captivated through regionally inspired arts & culture classes, nature-inspired elemental experiences, and hands-on culinary sessions. From hand-thrown Mexican folk-art pottery classes to delectable make-your-own chocobanana stations, littles will be free to nurture their creativity. Cherished days at Susurros will be filled with adventure and exploration to inspire everlasting memories. Morritos Kids Camp is open 7 days a week for morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Morning Session | 9:00AM-1:00PM ($1,600 Pesos + Per Morrito)

  • Afternoon Session | 1:00-5:00PM ($1,600 Pesos + Per Morrito)

  • Full Day Session (lunch included) | 9:00AM-5:00PM ($2,400 Pesos + Per Morrito)

  • Single Activity ($600 Pesos + Per Activity)

Los Morritos Weekly Programming Schedule


  • Morning Session | Wave Runners Fútbol, Hot Off the Press
  • Afternoon Session | The Art of Basketry, Susurros Time Keepers, Clase de Música


  • Morning Session | Salt Water Lab, Agua Fresca Refresher
  • Afternoon Session | Huichol Beadwork, Wave Weaving
BajaLa Productions


  • Morning Session | Ocean Zen Out, Mr. Croco Cookie Art
  • Afternoon Session | Jewels of Nature, Sandy Super Goop, Wave Runners Fútbol


  • Morning Session | Seaside Terrariums, Agua Fresca Refresher
  • Afternoon Session | Rhythm in Motion (Salsa), Salt Water Lab, Susurros Time Keepers


  • Morning Session | Sound of the Jungle, Conchas Turtle Time
  • Afternoon Session | Painting with Petals, Wave Runners Fútbol, Clase de Música


  • Morning Session | Ocean Zen Out, Agua Fresca Refresher
  • Afternoon Session | Sandy Super Goop, Huichol Beadwork, Susurros Time Keepers


  • Morning Session | Salt Water Lab, Wave Weaving
  • Afternoon Session | Jewels of Nature, Wave Runners Fútbol, Rhythm in Motion (Flamenco)

Child on a surfboard

Little Stoke

Drop your littles off for a thrilling surf immersion at the beach at Susurros. Mini-surfers will take part in an hour-long personalized surf lesson with one of our local surf professionals. Instruction will begin with the basics, including standing on land, technique, balance and water safety.
  • Includes life jacket and board 

  • Reservation required one day prior

Rotating Weekly Classes

Botanical Art Class

Huichol-Inspired Doughnut Art

Make Your Own Chocobanana

Air-Dry Clay Class

Alebrije Painting

Huichol-Inspired Art Classes

Ojo de Dios | Bead Art

Beach-Foraged Shell Necklaces

Sand Mandalas on the Beach

Paleta Making with Fresh Regional Fruits

Nature Walk Bingo

Piñata Party

To celebrate solar returns

Tortu-Conchas Baking Class

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