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4 night stay

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Morritos Kids Club


Child in a chef's hat eating dessert

Morritos Kids Club

At Morritos Kids Camp, children will be immersed in an enchanting world of age-appropriate activities to ignite their sense of wonder and foster a connection to the local culture. With a rotating array of unique, enriching weekly programming, our young guests will be captivated through regionally inspired arts & culture classes, nature-inspired elemental experiences, and hands-on culinary sessions. Cherished days at Susurros will be filled with adventure and exploration to inspire everlasting memories. Morritos Kids Camp is open 7 days a week for morning and afternoon sessions.
  • Morning Session | 9:00AM-1:00PM ($1,600+ Pesos Per Morrito – lunch included)

  • Afternoon Session | 1:00-5:00PM ($1,600 Pesos + Per Morrito)

  • Full Day Session (lunch included) | 9:00AM-5:00PM ($2,400 Pesos + Per Morrito)

  • Single Activity ($600 Pesos + Per Activity)

Los Morritos Weekly Programming Schedule


  • Morning Session | Wave Runners Fútbol, Hot Off the Press
  • Afternoon Session | Painting with Petals, Susurros Time Keepers, Clase de Música


  • Morning Session | Salt Water Lab, Agua Fresca Refresher
  • Afternoon Session | Huichol Beadwork, Wave Weaving
BajaLa Productions


  • Morning Session | Ocean Zen Out, Mr. Croco Cookie Art
  • Afternoon Session | Sound of the Jungle, Mr. Croco Cookie Art


  • Morning Session | Seaside Terrariums, Agua Fresca Refresher
  • Afternoon Session | Rhythm in Motion (Salsa), Salt Water Lab, Susurros Time Keepers


  • Morning Session | Sound of the Jungle, Conchas Turtle Time
  • Afternoon Session | Painting with Petals, Wave Runners Fútbol, Clase de Música


  • Morning Session | Ocean Zen Out, Agua Fresca Refresher
  • Afternoon Session | Sandy Super Goop, Huichol Beadwork, Susurros Time Keepers


  • Morning Session | Salt Water Lab, Wave Weaving
  • Afternoon Session | Jewels of Nature, Wave Runners Fútbol, Rhythm in Motion (Flamenco)

Child on a surfboard

Little Stoke

Drop your littles off for a thrilling surf immersion at the beach at Susurros. Mini-surfers will take part in an hour-long personalized surf lesson with one of our local surf professionals. Instruction will begin with the basics, including standing on land, technique, balance and water safety.
  • Includes life jacket and board 

  • Reservation required one day prior

Rotating Weekly Classes

Botanical Art Class

Huichol-Inspired Doughnut Art

Make Your Own Chocobanana

Air-Dry Clay Class

Alebrije Painting

Huichol-Inspired Art Classes

Ojo de Dios | Bead Art

Beach-Foraged Shell Necklaces

Sand Mandalas on the Beach

Paleta Making with Fresh Regional Fruits

Nature Walk Bingo

Piñata Party

To celebrate solar returns

Tortu-Conchas Baking Class

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