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Sombrero de Alma


The Experience

Take part in an intention-setting ritual where creativity will flourish during our Sombrero del alma (Spanish for “soul hat”) journey. Gather beachside with local artisan Mariana of Mowi hats for a traditional millinery studio experience reimagined. Browse through an assortment of customizable hats, where the caring craftsmanship shines through each piece. Upon selecting a hat, pick from distinctive natural materials and weave your personal wishes into your Sombrero del Alma during this soul-filling practice. Each hat is unique and handmade by local artisans, supporting the indigenous communities throughout Mexico and Latin America. Conclude this one-of-a-kind artistic experience with a bespoke keepsake of Mexico that carries the essence of the maker woven into it.

  • Available bi-weekly
  • Great for groups and families
  • 3-hour class | Also available for private classes with minimum 4 days' notice
  • Sombreros start at $5,000 Pesos + with full customization

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