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4 night stay

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Ceremonia de Cacao


The Experience

Join us for one of our twice monthly community cacao ceremonies led by local Medicine Woman Gina. Gina carries a Mayan IxCacao altar that she shares with the Susurros community. Each ceremony begins with a communal altar building to honor the four elements and copal smoke cleanse, followed by a wisdom share and pouring of ceremonial grade cacao. As you sip your cacao you may feel it gently opening your heart and creating a feeling of deeper connection to self and spirit. Gina shares medicine songs and wisdoms from her elders before offering each guest in the circle a Mayan nahuatl reading where one learns of their spirit totem according to the Mayan calendar.

  • Ceremony length 2-3 hours
  • Ceremony cost: 2,000 pesos per person +
  • December Dates: 12/17 + 12/27

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