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Explore the Islas Marietas & Playa Escondida


The Experience

Cultivate an intimate connection to the natural world during our island discovery experience. Just beyond our on-property beach lies Islas Marietas, a renowned Mexican National Park made up of uninhabited islands that beckon exploration. Set off on a scenic boat ride and inhale the intoxicating salty Pacific Ocean air before hopping off to snorkel and paddleboard. Unleash your curiosity in discovering this protected biosphere bursting with vibrant underwater life and native species of birds.

  • Private Islas Marietas Experience $14,680 Pesos + Per Boat, Includes Up to 6 People | $2,500 Pesos + Each Additional Person
  • Does not include Playa Escondida experience (see below)
  • Reach out to your Cuate or email to book.

Adventure to Playa Escondida (Hidden Beach)

Enhance your Islas Marietas journey and continue on to the mesmerizing remote beach cove known as Playa Escondida for a 30-minute private group experience. Gaze upwards and take in the otherworldly circular rock formation that frames the endless blue sky. With your feet in the pristine sand, take a moment to reflect and marvel at this ethereal world wonder.
  • Islas Marietas with added 30 Minute Playa Escondida Experience: Private Experience = $14,680 Pesos + Per Boat, Includes up to 4 People | $3,400 Pesos + Each Additional Person

  • Minimum age: 10 years old, Maximum age: 65 years old (participants must be able to swim 200 ft. in open water, snorkeling fins are not permitted)

  • Access and availability is based on weather conditions and National Park regulations

  • Reach out to your Cuate or email to book.

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