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4 night stay

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UTV driving along a beach
UTV driving along a beach

Off the Beaten Path to Paradise


The Experience

Embrace your playful spirit and take a voyage outside Susurros on our fully equipped adventure Polaris RZR UTV. Adrenaline-seekers will begin their journey trekking off-road through the flourishing jungle of the Sierra Madre Mountains, eventually reaching the nearby bohemian surf town, Sayulita. Explore this world-famous, free-spirited destination brimming with culinary delights, one-of-a-kind boutique shopping, and vibrant local culture. Carry on past Sayulita to a nature-lovers paradise filled with lush, tropical foliage and aquamarine waters, known as San Pancho. This lesser-known fishing village is famously known for its coconut oil production and is considered the cultural capital of Nayarit. San Pancho locals are dedicated to social advocacy, and here you can learn about environmental impact projects and the promotion of the regional arts and culture. The indigenous people of the region, known as the Huicholes, have a strong presence here. Celebrate their culture and shop through colorful artisanal crafts to conclude a well-rounded day of exploration.

  • $7,980 Pesos + Per Polaris | Includes up to 4 passengers of which one must have a present valid driver's license
  • A $500 Pesos insurance fee is charged on-site per group, cash only
  • Height restrictions apply
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Offered by appointment with 1 day notice

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