alcohol bottle with glasses
alcohol bottle with glasses

From Grain to Glass - An Afternoon at the Distillery


Head over to Mine Hill Distillery - located 10 minutes from Mayflower Inn & Spa - to spend the afternoon with Founder Elliott Davis to experience the art of crafting spirits. Meet at the 19th-century Roxbury train station, general store and cigar factory, which were restored to their former glory, but this time as a distillery which crafts exceptional gin and whiskey. Begin your exclusive tour next to the waterfall outside of the distillery and learn about the history of Mine Hill and the town of Roxbury Station during the Industrial Revolution. Then, get behind the scenes to learn about each step of the distilling process from grain to glass. You will also visit the Barrel House, which is not open to the public, to pull and taste samples of bourbon or rye and learn what it takes to craft a great whiskey. End your tour by bottling, corking and labeling a spirit to take home. Your experience will end with an intimate cocktail party in the private Founders Room with specialty drinks made using Mine Hill spirits. You'll leave with a bottle of Mine Hill Spirits and a signature Mayflower Inn & Spa cocktail recipe.

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