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Hiking Adventures


The Experience

With most of the valley designated as a protected agricultural preserve, there’s an abundance of hiking trails. From a leisurely scenic stroll to a rigorous elevation climb, choose the route that suits you best.

  • Picnic blankets and binoculars are available to borrow
  • Contact our Itinerary Designers for hike details

Choose Your Adventure


With creeks, streams and a variety of flora along the way, even the youngest hikers will be intrigued by their surroundings.


With rolling vineyards, sweeping meadows and grazing livestock, these trails are conducive to walking and running. Four-legged friends are welcome.

Sunset Views

These trails are beautiful at any time of the day, but as the day winds down, the sinking sun adds another element of beauty.

Picnic Hikes

After a scenic drive, hike to the perfect spot in a sprawling meadow or at the edge of a picturesque lake.

Hidden Gems

Beneath the shade of towering trees, climb 1,200 feet in elevation or stay at sea level where the marsh views fill the horizon with shades of green and blue.

Coastal Scenery

Standing above the powerful Pacific, the salty air and sounds of crashing waves are naturally invigorating. Hike under the marine layer for cooler temperatures or take a late afternoon walk to watch the sun sink towards the horizon.

Guided Hikes

If you prefer to explore with a local expert, guided hikes are available Tuesday through Friday. Mornings are recommended for optimal conditions.
  • $150 for up to 2 miles, $200 for 2+miles

  • Maximum of 6 guests

  • Reservations required

  • Add a to-go lunch to refuel after the hike


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